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I work for a government agency. It is not important which one. I will try not to confuse you. Yes, when we last met, I was involved in battling threats in Latin America by any means necessary. That does not make me a drug dealer.
Mike Toreno

Highjack is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, given to protagonist Carl Johnson by the U.S government agent Mike Toreno from his ranch in Tierra Robada, San Andreas.


Mike Toreno (who, as it turns out, was never in the helicopter Carl blew up) appears, and explains to Carl who he is and what he is here for. He needs Carl to do jobs which he cannot be caught doing. The first one is to commandeer a truck. He says it is a two-man job, and Carl would need someone to help him out, so he has Cesar come over.

After a small talk, Carl and Cesar hop on a bike and head for a tanker on its way to San Fierro, just across the Garver Bridge. While heading there, Carl tells Cesar the plan, which makes Cesar a bit nervous, as Toreno (or his henchman) did not mention that on the phone.

Once they have reached the tanker, Carl steers the motorbike, matching the truck's speed, while Cesar is preparing to hop on it. He eventually hops on board and jacks the vehicle. Carl then hops on board, and takes the truck back to the garage in Doherty.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • You need to use that bike in order to get Cesar close enough to the truck
  • Pick up Cesar then catch up to the truck
  • Pull up to the left hand side of the truck and hold the bike in position until Cesar is ready to jump
  • Get into the truck and drive it back to the garage

Post-Mission Phone Call

Mike Toreno: Here. Now. Don't screw around.

Carl Johnson: What an Asshole!


The reward for completing this mission is $7,000 and the mission Interdiction is unlocked.


Carl Johnson arrives at the ranch in Tierra Robada, where a familiar face puts his hand on CJ's shoulder.
Toreno: Hey, Carl.
CJ: (turns around) Hey, what the fuck, man?! Hey, Toreno, I-I told you, my bad, man. What the hell can I say? I screwed you over.
Toreno: Calm down, kid.
CJ: Just go ahead and kill me, then.
Toreno: Calm down!
CJ: Man, you ain't nothin' but a fucking yayo dealer anyway, Toreno.
Toreno: Shut up and sit down!
CJ sits down.
Toreno: What, you think I'm a drug dealer? You think you're a crusader for good? Do you have any idea what's going on? Any idea whatsoever? Do you? Do you?!
CJ: No, I pay as little attention to things as possible.
Toreno: Do not be a fucking smartass with me. I work for a government agency. It is not important which one. I will try not to confuse you. Yes, when we last met, I was involved in battling threats in Latin America by any means necessary. That does not make me a drug dealer. Now, the money that we raised, the friends that we won over, have helped us immeasurably in our overseas interests.
CJ: Government agency?
Toreno: Kids like you, you expect heroes. We're fighting a war out there. I'll be a hero and I'll lose, and what'll we have? Communism in Ohio, people sharing, nobody buying stuff, that kind of bullshit. So relax, and listen.
CJ: Alright, alright, I'm listening.
Toreno: I know what kind of a guy you are. I need a guy like you, to do things I can't get caught doing.
CJ: Like what?
Toreno: I need you to commandeer a truck. A rival agency, with a confused social agenda, they got things that we need. Now, this is a two-man job. You'll need a friend. Use your sister's boyfriend, but don't tell him a thing. Remember, I'll be watching you.
Mike Toreno leaves the ranch, and Cesar Vialpando arrives some time later.
Cesar: I got here as fast as I could, CJ.
CJ: Yeah, you sure did. How you know I needed help?
Cesar: (chuckles) Man, you're losing it, holmes. You phoned me a half hour ago!
CJ: I did? I mean, oh yeah, I did. Sorry man, I got a whole lot on my mind.
CJ and Cesar hop on a motorcycle.
CJ: We need to jack a truck on the freeway. It's headed to San Fierro.
Cesar: We can get on the freeway here, holmes!
CJ and Cesar head to San Fierro via Garver Bridge.
Cesar: What's the plan?
CJ: I'm gonna pull alongside and you're gonna hop aboard!
Cesar: Oh shit, you didn't mention that on the phone.
CJ: It'll be a walk in the park!
Cesar: Tell Kendl I love her!
CJ and Cesar get to the Tanker hauling a trailer.
CJ: There's the rig up ahead!
CJ and Cesar line up with the left side of the rig, while Cesar gets ready to jump.
  • Just a little closer, holmes!
  • Closer, CJ, closer!
  • What do you think, I'm a Mexican jumping bean? Closer!
  • Keep level, CJ, keep it level!
Cesar jumps to the rig's door and fights with the driver, before kicking him out. CJ then commandeers the rig.
Cesar: OK, CJ, let's get this rig back to the garage!
CJ and Cesar drive the rig to the Doherty Garage.

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  • After Cesar hijacks the tanker, he will get into the passenger seat. Despite this, the player can still enter the tanker through the passenger door, resulting in a minor glitch where Carl passes through Cesar.
  • This mission may be inspired by the final truck-jacking scene from The Fast and the Furious. The difference between the game and the movie is that Cesar has to jump from a bike onto the truck and hijack it, while the truck driver is unarmed. In the movie, however, the truck driver is armed with a shotgun and the scene is more involved.
  • At the end of the mission, Cesar drives the tanker into the Doherty garage, even though the garage is too small to accommodate it.
  • If the player drives the bike onto the Kincaid Bridge, Cesar will let Carl know by saying, "Man, you crazy, this is the rail bridge!", "We jacking a train, holmes?", or "The road bridge is over there!".
  • The bike's license plate reads "PREACHER".
  • While driving on the highway, if the tanker crashes into other cars, it will knock them out of the way more forcefully than usual.
  • If the trailer gets disconnected, the mission won't fail. The player just has to attach it back to the Tanker.
  • In the beta version of the game, upon completion of this mission, Trucking Missions are unlocked instead of Tanker Commander.

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