Armando: "The police got some of our merchandise, but it's you we're worried about."
Vic: "Why?"
Armando: "You see, we're utilitarians. The greatest good for the greatest number; and there are two of us, but only one of you. So Diego suggested we explain to the police that the cocaine was yours..."
Armando Mendez explains to Victor Vance why he has to recover the captured cocaine.

High Wire is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories given to protagonist Victor Vance by drug kingpins Diego and Armando Mendez from their mansion on Prawn Island, Vice City.


Victor Vance drops-by the Mendez mansion looking for more work. Armando Mendez is there and he's worrying about Victor. Armando explains that the cops have taken their coke and Diego tried suggesting to the police that the cocaine belonged to the Vance Crime Family and says he's got a paper showing Victor's involvement in it. Victor drives to the Junkyard in Little Haiti and takes a Maverick with a magnet. The first container of the cargo is around Viceport at the police impound, and after Victor lifts it up with the magnet, he drops it at the Escobar International Airport.

The second and last container is being moved out to the police station in Little Havana by a big truck, Victor lifts it before it reaches the police station and drops it at the same place as the previous container. Suddenly when he drops the second container, Diego is in trouble and is being chased by the Bikers who are damaging his car and Victor has to save him before his car catches fire. Victor flies to Ocean Beach and picks up the car and as instructed, he drops it at the multistory car-park there.

Mission Objectives

in order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Get to the helicopter at Breaker's Yard.
  • Get in the chopper.
  • Fly to the compound where the containers are held.
  • Pick up the container.
  • Deliver the container to the cargo bay.
  • Lift the container off the truck before it gets to the police station in Little Havana.
  • Deliver the container to the cargo bay.
  • Pick up the car before the bikers destroy it.
  • Drop the car at the parking lot.

Post-Mission Pager Message

Mendez Brothers: It is time we talked. Come and see us...


The reward for completing this mission is $1,500 and the unlocking of Burning Bridges.


  • Arguably the most difficult part of this mission is crossing the city in time to pick up Diego's car, while Diego drives fast and erratically around Ocean Beach. The best way to catch him is to intercept his vehicle on the Ocean Drive straightaway. However, by this time his vehicle will be approaching maximum damage and if Vic is unable to grab the car before Diego turns onto a side street, the mission can fail. This mission appears to be easier in the PSP version.


  • Strangely, the bikers who chase Diego have civilian models, instead of using the ones from the Vice City Bikers.

Video Walkthrough

GTA Vice City Stories - Walkthrough - Mission 37 - High Wire

GTA Vice City Stories - Walkthrough - Mission 37 - High Wire

PS2 Version.


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