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I need another favor. Some documents are about to change hands that would be very useful for me. Security system plans - seems we both have eyes on the same prize. The exchange has been set up at a construction site on top of a skyscraper in Downtown so you'll need a helicopter. Bring the briefcase to the warehouse. Make this happen and I won't forget it.
— Description

High Priority Case is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Online given to the player by Lester Crest. It is available for up to 4 players.


There is a security system plans exchange taking place at the top of Mile High Club construction site in Downtown Los Santos (the same place where the mission The Construction Assassination takes place). Lester is interested in the plans. When one of the players has collected the briefcase, the team needs to deliver it to Lester's warehouse in Murrieta Heights.

Mission objectives

  • Steal the briefcase.
  • Deliver the briefcase to Lester's warehouse.

Video walkthrough


  • Along with Sinking Feeling, this is a mission with no respawning if one of the players gets killed (presumably because a respawned player will be on the ground and have no way of getting back up to the briefcase).
  • The mission's name is a pun - the phrase "High Priority Case" would usually refer to a court case, but in this respect it's referencing a briefcase.
  • Helicopters are scarce around Los Santos, as Lester will not provide a helicopter to spawn. This makes the mission incredibly difficult to complete unless one already has a helicopter bought from either or Warstock Cache & Carry.
    • Merryweather helicopter pickups are available at rank 30.
    • Helicopters do spawn at the Higgins Helitours helipad at Puerto Del Sol, but they might not be there on the first visit. If a helicopter is not there, drive back out and turn left towards the marina, turn round and come back. If a helicopter is taking off when you get there, drive up and wait as it will usually hover for a moment and land, unless you park on its designated landing pad or do something aggressive to scare the pilot off.