The Higgins Helitours Heliport is a landing platform featured in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, located in Fishmarket South, Algonquin


Operated by the Higgins Helitours sightseeing company, the heliport is positioned on the edge of Fishmarket South in Algonquin within the Humboldt River. Access is provided from Bus Lane, a small lane running off Flatfish Place.

The landing pad takes a "T" shape protruding out into the Humboldt River from the south-eastern Algonquin coast. On the platform there are six landing zones marked "H". The main building consists of two queues at either side, at which several NPCs can be seen queuing at and employees directing them to their helicopters.

The company, Higgins Helitours, operates several different sightseeing tours of Liberty City, each costing $150. They operate Helitours Mavericks. The player can go on a tour by holding Y (Xbox)/Triangle (PlayStation)/F (PC), or optionally hijack the helicopter (if occupied by the pilot). The pilot does not act hostile and will run away after stealing the helicopter. Some of the company's pilot employees are named during tours.

Helitours Mavericks will frequently be seen taking off and coming in for landing. The helicopters piloted and used by NPCs appear to follow the same possible tour routes as the player encounters during the player tours. Occasionally, the Mavericks will become stuck near certain infrastructure, often resulting them in crash landing. The pilot will attempt to keep the helicopter airborne.

Outside the building, a set of paintings can be found near the flower display along Bus Lane's boardwalk, just off Flatfish Place. Near the bus shelters on the corner, there is a street vendor selling hotdogs.

The landing platform appears in GTA Chinatown Wars mostly unchanged, although with small changes to the landing pad graphics. Helicopters are no longer seen parked or landing/taking off from the helipad.


The heliport appears to resemble the Downtown Manhattan Heliport in New York City.


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