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Green Tiki, Vice City hidden package.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City features 100 hidden packages scattered and hidden across the map.

It is one of the tasks required to achieve 100% completion in the game. They are implemented into the game in the form of pickups that glow and always spin in place and can be collected by walking into them.

Their design seems to be based on Māori Tiki statues.

GTAVC Map-pinpoint pink Example

Each pinpoint tip is placed one pixel above marked features or pickups.
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Each hidden package will award the player with $100, as there are 100 packages in the game, collecting the packages alone will result in a total of $10000 earned. Reaching a certain amount of collected packages will award the player with several weapons that will then spawn in in the Ocean View Hotel, the Vercetti Estate and the Hyman Condo.


VC-hidden packages

For the location map and the screenshots of the packages, see here.


GTA Vice City - Hidden Packages City Sleuth Trophy Achievement

GTA Vice City - Hidden Packages City Sleuth Trophy Achievement

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