This page details how to use GTA Wiki.

Finding your Way

To get around GTA Wiki, the best place to start is the Main Page, which shows you the latest news and has some important links on. If you look at Grand Theft Auto, there are links to all the GTA games. On those pages there are links to pages about those games. You can keep following links forever, get redirected a bit, and end up back where you started.

If you click on your name at the top of the page, that takes you to your user page, which is your profile. You can edit that and add in a {{todo}} list and anything you like. The Discussion page of your user profile is where people will leave messages for you. Don't forget that works for other users too: you can visit their profiles and leave messages.


Anybody may edit almost any page simply by clicking the Edit button at the top. See help on Editing on how to format your edits. Whenever you edit a page, please add the reason into the reason box. If your edit is minor (just correcting spelling/grammar/links) then please tick the "minor" box on the edit page.

Some pages are protected. Some of these are protected so that only Administrators can edit them, and others are protected so that anonymous users or new users (registered within the past 4 days) cannot edit them. Most pages are protected because they are important and involve GTA Wiki policy, others are protected to prevent them being vandalised.

If you register and sign in, you have access to a wider range of features, and are less restricted than anonymous members. You have the opportunity to be involved in our community, and keep your own Watchlist of pages you're interested in or have helped on. You can create your own user page (see User:Xenon) and talk to the world about your technical interests.

Creating a Page

If you try to visit a page that doesn't exist (eg Moscow) it will automatically bring you to the editing box where you can create the page. See Editing for help on formatting your pages.


Unlike Wikipedia, GTA Wiki does allow speculative comments and rumours, so long as it is clear that they are such. If there is a rumour of a game coming out (for example), you may post about it so long as you quote your sources and clearly state that it is speculation by using the {{speculation}} template - place it at the top of the page, or for longer articles, place it in the part of the article where the speculation is.


It is illegal to post copyrighted content on GTA Wiki, unless you own the copyright or have direct permission of the copyright holder to post the information. If you include short quotes from a book or website, please clearly reference them (say where they are from). There is no shame in quoting, but there is shame in stealing.

Any user found stealing copyright material may be blocked/banned.

If you post anything on GTA Wiki, you agree for it to be widely viewed, edited and re-used.


In a nutshell, posting offensive/racist/homophobic/xenophobic comments, swearing, and posting illicit/pornographic/suggestive images is strictly forbidden. Any user who does this may be warned and may be blocked/banned.

Please read Policy for further information on what is/isn't allowed.
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