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Helmut Schein is a business selling perfume and furniture featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


In GTA San Andreas, Helmut Schein markets perfume, advertising "Shine Perfume" in an avant-garde manner on the radio, parodying real-life perfume commercials during the 1990s. If listened to closely, the person in the commercial is that of Jodie Shawback, who does the voice of Sage, the host of Radio X.

In GTA Liberty City Stories, players can find a Helmut Schein outlet in Chinatown, Portland, Liberty City circa 1998. By 2001 (the setting of Grand Theft Auto III), the Liberty City location appears to have closed down and the site is was taken over by the Cut hairdresser. Advertising for the company can also be found near Francis Intl. Airport, showcasing their furniture. 

Another Helmut Schein in GTA Vice City Stories can be found at the Vice Point Mall in Vice Point, Vice City circa 1984 on the second floor of the northwestern wing of the mall between the Top Bun Hair Salon and Flyingdale's, complete with a detailed interior, although it is inaccesable to Victor Vance. The store is also later sold off by 1986 (the setting of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City), and replaced by two unmarked clothing stores.

While the Helmut Schein storefront in GTA Liberty City Stories is devoid of any interior or details to indicate its type of business, the GTA Vice City Stories Helmut Schein's interior contains sofas, coffee tables, and two counters, hinting that it may also be a furniture store similar to KLÜNT.



  • Helmut Schein is a faux-German play of the saying "Helmet Shine". The slogan for the company is "Polished to Perfection!", another reference. Sales for the company in GTA: Liberty City Stories also claim that the sale is "the big one", a further reference.
  • The billboard for the company in GTA: Liberty City Stories shows what appears to be a blue-filtered screenshot of the beta Mulholland Safehouse from GTA: San Andreas.
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