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Female online player in a White full-face helmet.

The Helmet is a clothing item that appears in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto IV, The Ballad of Gay Tony, Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.

GTA San Andreas

The Helmet first appears in San Andreas. The helmet is purely a visual feature and can be purchased from ProLaps. CJ can purchase four kinds of helmets;

  • Boxing Helmet- $80
  • Full Face Helmet- $150
  • MotoX Helmet- $100
  • Helmut- $100

GTA IV and The Ballad of Gay Tony

The Helmet has a much more major role in IV. The helmet is equipped upon mounting a motorcycle. The Helmet is no longer purchasable. Niko will not equip a helmet if they start driving immediately. Once the player gets off a motorcycle, the protagonist will discard the helmet, unless the player goes to mount the bike as Niko removes it, and it will simply vanish. Some NPCs also have unique helmets, while others wear no helmet at all. All of Niko's helmets have visors.

Helmets Niko can equip:

  • All black
  • Blue fading to white and gold
  • White with red and blue stars
  • White with red and blue stripes

Helmets are purely cosmetic and offer no protection against crashes and the impact of bullets.

Despite the biker theme in The Lost and Damned, the player doesn't wear a helmet on any bikes.

In The Ballad of Gay Tony, Luis also wears helmets, and all lack visors, unlike Niko's in IV.

Helmets Luis can equip:

  • White, red and blue
  • Grey and blue
  • Purple and black


Armando Torres, Gay Tony, Henrique Bardas, Johnny Klebitz, Timur, other Lost MC members None

Alex Chilton, Carmen Ortiz, Kiki Jenkins, Karen Daniels

Pink with no visor

Brian Meech

Jet black with a white disc on the temple and a clear visor

Brucie Kibbutz

Light blue with two white stripes at the bottom
Cherise Glover Green with a white strip at the bottom
Dimitri Rascalov

Green with two white stripes along the temples

Dwayne Forge

Dark brown

Eddie Low Black with a dark green stripe
Florian Cravic Pink

Hossan Ramzy

Cream coffee with white stripe in the middle

Ivan Bytchkov Green with blue and white stripes and stars
Kate McReary White with swirls of light green on the sides

Little Jacob

Old biker helmet resembling a military one

Manny Escuela Black with orange and yellow stripes
Mel White with a blue stripe at the bottom
Packie McReary Irish Green
Phil Bell Black with gold stripes

Playboy X

Black with a white stripe and a tinted visor

Real Badman

Green and black

Roman Bellic

Pale with two stripes, black and white

Marnie Allen

Pink with white stripes


White with pink spiral stripes

GTA V and GTA Online

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In GTA V, the helmets are equipped like in GTA IV. Trevor wears a unique black open face helmet, while Michael and Franklin wear the same helmets, which have different styles.

These helmets offer a limited degree of protection against impacts and crashes, reducing the likelihood of an instantaneous death but the player can still die from high speeds.

They will not provide any additional protection from firearms.

In GTA Online the player can purchase helmets at clothing stores and Vespucci Movie Masks.

There are various types that are available, ranging from simple biker helmets to military-grade combat helmets that offer unique benefits as well as increased protection against firearms. These will make you resistant to headshots and prevent you from instantly dying when within close range.

Unlike in GTA V however, these will not protect you against impacts and crashes.

Motorcycle helmets, biker helmets as well as flight suit helmets will provide slight resistance, allowing you to survive up to two shots before death. The first will be resisted while the second shot is lethal.

Combat Helmets, Bullet Proof Helmets, Riot Helmets as well as Air-Racing helmets will provide increased protection against firearms; allowing you to survive up to 3 shots to the head in close-quarters. The first two shots will be resisted while the third shot will be lethal.

Combat Helmets can be purchased in the form of a Quad-Lens variant and a Dual-Lens variant, which adds a toggleable visor that can be flipped up and down to augment the player's vision. These can be turned on through the interaction menu.

The Quad-Lens variation will grant the player Thermal Vision, which will highlight heat signatures of NPCs, Players and sources of explosives, jet exhausts or fire. They can also spot players through thin surfaces if the target is standing against it. Unlike in real life, thermal imaging is not affected by light sources or the sun.

The Dual-Lens variation will grant the player Night Vision, which will illuminate the environment with a green hue and improve visibility in low-light environments. Night Vision, however, is affected by light sources and as such, can be blinding and detrimental during the day, which limits it's utility and effectiveness.

Riot Helmets and Air-Racing Helmets only offer protection, lacking any augmentations to player vision. (However they may be combined with masks that have such capabilities).

In The Diamond Casino Heist update for Grand Theft Auto Online, a unique "helmet" variation was added known as "Scope Night Vision" which occupies the helmet slot. These do NOT offer any protection against firearms but will grant a night vision visor that can be flipped up and down.

Helmets Michael, Franklin and the GTA Online protagonist can equip:

Helmet Design Featured In Online Price
Red w/two white stripes

V, Online

Black w/skull on top, bottom jaw below visor V, Online
Black w/flame decal V, Online
Blue w/black stars V, Online
White w/red detail V, Online
Black w/poker decals V, Online
Black w/silver shatter effect V, Online
Western MC Yellow Online
Western MC Red Online
Western MC Blue Online
Western MC Green Online
Western MC Lilac Online
Steel Horse Orange Online
Matte Black Off-Road Online
Glossy Black Off-Road Online
Matte Mirrored Online
Matte All-Black Online
Glossy Mirrored Online
Glossy All-Black Online