Helena Wankstein's Farm is a farm and home owned by Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas character Helena Wankstein.


The farm is located at Flint Range in Flint County, San Andreas. It consists of a two-story farmhouse, alongside a barn, a small water tower, and a wind pump.


The farm house's interior exists in the game, but it is inaccessible during normal gameplay since its availability was removed along with the "Hot Coffee" mini-game, which later caused controversy after an un-official modification was released. The interior can, however, be accessed through the Hidden Interiors Universe glitch.

The interior of Helena's farmhouse is a simple barn interior which consists of several hay bales in both floors and some woods in the first floor.

Stationary Vehicles


When dating Helena, special weapons spawn in her barn:



  • If the player kills Helena whilst she is in the barn with Carl, the barn door will close, trapping Carl inside. The only way to escape is to commit suicide or reload a save file.
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