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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
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Vault contents, we need to know what they're keeping down there. Hack into their internal security feed to see inside.
— Lester's briefing.

Vault Contents is a mandatory prep mission featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of The Diamond Casino Heist update. It is a freeroam mission needed to progress The Diamond Casino Heist.


This mission is the second preparation needed for the Diamond Casino Heist. The player needs to go to a semi-random location, such as the Galileo Observatory or Portola Drive Station, where they need to locate a Diamond Casino security guard.

Once located, the player needs to open the SecuroServ app on their phone and hack the guard's phone to obtain the login details. The hack will only progress if the player stays in proximity of the target. If the target is spooked, they need to be killed and the player must pick up their phone; they also receive a two-star wanted level which needs to be evaded before continuing with the mission.

Afterwards, the player needs to travel to the Casino and enter it. Once inside, they need to open the Sightseer app on their phone and search for the signal. A bar will appear on the lower right of the screen which shows the signal strength. There are different possible locations for the signal, such as the restrooms.

Once the signal is found, the player gains access to the security feed of various areas inside the casino. A maximum of two minutes can be spent looking at the security feed. They need to find the feed from inside the casino vault, where they need to identify the contents of the vault; this is most commonly cash (and always for the first heist) but can also be art or gold. Following the Valentine's Day 2020 event, diamonds also have a chance to be found as the vault item.

The player can then continue looking through the feed or can leave the Casino and finish the mission.

Lester's Dialogue

Okay, here we go, let's find out what's in that vault. First, we need someone with the right log in credentials for their security system. I've tracked the rough location of a member of Duggan's security team using his phone signal. Head over there and find him.
— After starting the mission.
There he is. I've uploaded a SecuroServ app for you to hack his phone and get those login details. Thing works well, but... you'll need to stick close to get the data.
— After locating the security guard.
Excellent, that's exactly what I needed. Now head over to the casino.
— After successfully hacking the guard's phone without alerting him.
Okay, bring out your phone and search for a Wi-Fi signal we can piggyback on... and try not to look too conspicuous while you do it!
— When the protagonist enters the casino.
I'm in the system, time to have some fun.
— After locating the signal.
You only have a limited amount of time in the security feed, so move fast. Find what's in the vault and sniff around for whatever else they have tucked away down there, you might find something we can use to our advantage.
— After accessing the security camera feed.
Ah, what's that look like, the green stuff, eh? It's too much currency, so we'll still need to launder it through a buyer... Shouldn't be hard though. Head back to the arcade when you're ready.
— If cash is present in the vault.
Gold's gonna be slower to haul outta there, but it's oh so shiny... and buyers love it in these uncertain times. Good job. Come back when you're ready.
— - If gold is present in the vault.
Artwork. Nice. Not really my taste, but assets are still going crazy and we can make a small fortune. Come back when you're ready.
— - If artwork is present in the vault.
Holy shit, that's a boat load of diamonds. This is a big money maker... I smell a bidding war. Good job. Come back when you're ready.
— - If diamonds are present in the vault.


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