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Steal an ambulance containing paramedic equipment.

— Brief.

Paramedic Equipment is a prep mission featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the GTA Online: The Doomsday Heist update. It is a freeroam mission needed to progress the Act I of The Doomsday Heist.


In case it wasn't clear, you're gonna need the ambulance and the paramedic gear to get into the Coroner's Office. You know, to get the agent's body, to get the data, yeah? Okay. Get to work.

— Lester's briefing.

The crew is instructed to go to the location of the Ambulance containing the paramedic gear, intended to infiltrate into the Coroner Office.

Depending of the location, two possible scenarios will occur:

  • The first one requires the crew to steal the vehicle from a medical center. Medical personnel, as well as Security Guards, will be on the site, with the latter able to attack players if one gets in the vehicle.
  • The second one requires the crew to steal the vehicle while paramedics are on an emergency response. LSSD officers will be present in the area, who will attack players if one gets in the vehicle.

Once the vehicle is stolen, the crew has to lose the 2-star wanted level before delivering the vehicle to the Facility.

Possible Locations
Alternative method

It is possible to complete the preparation by just calling 911 on the phone and selecting the paramedics. An Ambulance will respond to the call and the crew just needs to take it to the facility.

Lester's Dialogue

You got it? Alright. Now bring it back to the facility in one piece and we'll call it a job well done.

— After taking the Ambulance.

Stealing data just doesn't have the same, uh... allure as analogue theft. Am I right? I mean, it's just not sexy. But soon all money will be data and this will be the only gig going, so... there's that.

— On the way to the Facility.

Avon is exactly the kind of guy I'd like to rob... and I'm working with him. He better pay us so much. It's like we robbed him!

— When closer to the Facility.

Or, you could just call up an ambulance and get it to come to you, of course. I thought that was pretty obvious, so I didn't mention it. Now bring it back to the facility in one piece and we'll call it a job well done.

— Shortly after calling 911.

Good work getting that, um, "thing" for the, uhh... "job". Hey, um, you ever want to outsource that kind of work, there's always people who can get us things for a price. Yeah? Something to think about if your time is precious.

— After delivering the Ambulance.