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This article or section refers to "enhanced version" content in the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC renditions of Grand Theft Auto V and/or Grand Theft Auto Online, that is absent on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 versions.
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Mr. Rubio's island has extensive sonar network. If we want the submarine to get close, we will need a deflector of some kind. This kind of thing is military tech, but luckily this is America, so of course there is private company with contract. Merryweather... you have heard of them? They have new submarine, latest model, well equipped. I know location of test, so we can start there. They must have what we need... I cannot see anything on sonar.
— One of Pavel's briefings.

Kosatka is a prep mission featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of The Cayo Perico Heist update.


Mission Details:
Steal sonar jamming equipment. This will allow your Kosatka to remain undetected off the coast of Cayo Perico.

It is a Free Mode mission that can be completed at any time while The Cayo Perico Heist strand is active after completing the intel gathering. It is one of six missions within the Approach Vehicle category that is mandatory for completion, but becomes optional if another of the missions has been completed.

Heist Impact:
With your Kosatka submerged off the coast, approach the island undetected in scuba gear.

Completing this setup allows the player(s) to approach Cayo Perico in finale using the Kosatka.

Pavel tells to the player that El Rubio's island has an extensive sonar network, and that if they want to get close to the island in the Kosatka they will need to steal a sonar jammer. Pavel knows the approximate location of a Merryweather submarine test involving the required equipment, which requires the player(s) to find the site and retrieve it from within the vessel in question.


The protagonist is informed by Pavel that in order to approach Cayo Perico with the Kosatka, they will need a special piece of equipment - a sonar jammer. He quickly states that Merryweather are in the process of assisting a trial run of such a device somewhere around San Andreas, but cannot pinpoint where the test site is, because it is jamming his own sonar. He gives players an approximate location to find it.

Location Image Map
Paleto Cove
North Point
The Kosatka is a driveable submarine and can be used to travel towards your destination. You can also exit the submarine using any stored Moon Pool Vehicles or exit on foot to call in a Dinghy.
Travel to the last known location of the Merryweather submarine that contains the Sonar Jammer.
You can request a Dinghy or Moon Pool Vehicles from the Kosatka to travel to the test site via the Services section of the Interaction Menu.

Players must travel to the site, which they will identify on the water surface by the presence of a Buzzard and three boats.

Search beneath the ocean Blips-GTAO-QuestionMark-Yellow.png for the Merryweather submarine and find a way inside.

Once there, Pavel advises them to swim underwater and find the device aboard the Merryweather submarine. An access Corona is visible on the top hatch on the sail of the submerged Ramius. Entering the hatch will spawn the player aboard at the aftmost hatch point.

Search the submarine for Merryweather's Sonar Jammer.

Once aboard, players must deal with Merryweather mercenaries while searching the submarine for the jammer device which can be located in various positions around the boat. Several Merryweather supply crates can be found with pickups including Health, Body Armor and Rebreathers.

You collected the sonar jammer.
The nearby crate contains Rebreathers that can be used during your escape.

Upon finding the device they must return to where they entered the submarine, during which time they can pick up a rebreather mask if they are not wearing scuba gear. Once outside the submarine, players must bring the equipment to the Kosatka, with Merryweather pursuing them during the journey; they can remain underwater to avoid being fired upon, though only for a short while if they are using rebreather masks. There is an unseen time limit for the mission and an on-screen timer will appear with 5 minutes remaining. Failing to return to the Kosatka within the time limit will fail the mission. Players can summon their Kosatka to their position, if they did not use it to reach the test site. Once aboard, the mission is completed.

Pavel's Dialogue

If you wish to use submarine to get to Mr. Rubio's island undetected, we will need to deflect their sonar. But such equipment is not available on open market... we will need to borrow it. And I have a lender all lined up: Merryweather are running tests on their new submarine. Latest model. It will have what we need. I would ping you exact coordinates, but... they are blocking my sonar. I know the general area for the test... we start there.
— Alternative mission briefing
If we are going to use submarine to approach Mr. Rubio's island, we will need to deal with sonar network. A deflector is the only way, but it is not the kind of equipment you buy in a store. It is the kind of equipment you steal from private military contractor. They are called Merryweather, and they are running tests on their new submarine... and its sonar deflector. I have location of the test, but my sonar is blank for this area. This is a good sign!
— Another alternative mission briefing
Look... Patrol boat and helicopter. You dive beneath them, you will not have far to go.
— Once the player approaches the site
There. You see the boat and helicopter? That must be the spot. Time to get more than your feet wet, kapitan! Dive time!
— Alternative dialogue when approaching the site
Do you see the helicopter and patrol boat? They must be above the submarine. Dive, dive, dive!
— More alternative dialogue
Did you make it inside? I cannot tell from sonar! This thing is impressive. It will be small enough to carry... a box of wires and switches and so on.
— When the player enters the submarine
Are you inside? I still see nothing on sonar. Extraordinary. The tool will look like box full of wires and switches and antennae.
— Alternative dialogue for entering the submarine
Are you in? Nothing on the sonar... which is just what we want, of course! The deflector will be a small box with switches and antennae and so on.
— More alternative dialogue
Aha! I see you on sonar now... you must have found it. Very good... time to make your exit, I think!
— Once the player steals the sonar device
Have you got it? The whole submarine just popped onto my sonar! Good work, now go! Back the way you came!
— Alternative dialogue for stealing the sonar device
Well, well, there you are! You popped onto my sonar as soon as you took the scanner. Now, time to leave!
— More alternative dialogue
Welcome back to the surface, kapitan! Just in time for the incoming helicopters! Get the deflector back to me.
— When the player reaches the surface
You are back on the surface, kapitan! Well, things are getting busy up here.
— Alternative dialogue when the surface is reached
How was your swim, kapitan? I hope you are not too tired... There are some very concerned helicopter pilots looking for you. Get the deflector back to our sub!
— More alternative dialogue
Well that was... not good. Come, we regroup!
— Upon mission failure


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