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Eliminate an arms dealer to recover information on the Barrage ATV being flown into Los Santos.
— Brief.

Flight Path is a prep mission featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of The Doomsday Heist update. It is a freeroam mission needed to progress Act III of The Doomsday Heist.


Head over to that location. There's an arms dealer there we need you to find. We're trying to stop Avon, or Cliffford, or... whoever's calling the shots over there, from arming themselves. They put an order in for a Barrage, a heavily weaponized ATV, which we're going to intercept. You're paying a visit to the dealer, finding out how the order's being filled.
— Lester's briefing.

The crew is instructed to go to the location of an arms dealer which has the information of a flight path of the Barrage ATV ordered by Avon. The dealer will be found at a semi-random location.

Once a member of the crew finds him, they are instructed to follow him to a quiet spot, keeping a safe distance to not alert him. Once they find a quiet spot, Lester instructs the player to take him out and grab the briefcase so they can deliver it to the facility. If the crew somehow fails to follow and take out the target quietly, a 3-star wanted level is triggered, complicating the preparation.

Possible Locations

Lester's Dialogue

And what do you know, the dealer's got a mugshot on the LSPD database. Sending to your phone. When you get there, look for this guy and then follow him.
— When approaching to the location.
Got him? Okay, he's on the move. Stay close, bu don't get detected. When he gets somewhere quiet, take him down and get the case.
— After finding the target.
Okay, looks quiet enough. Take him out.
— When reaching to a quiet spot.
Oh crap, he made you. Get the case, and lose the heat!
— If a player is detected.
Well, that's one way to do it! Lose the heat and get his case back.
— When taking out the target while being pursued by the cops.
Okay, I think we might know how this crazy ATV's coming in. Go into Planning when you wanna make a move on it.
— After delivering the briefcase to the Facility.