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"The fingerprint scanner we saw in Mr. Rubio's office is state of the art. Ordinary hacking tool is out of the question, so we have only one option. We find the failsafe tool. This is the backup which allows for reconstructing Mr. Rubio's fingerprints in emergency, and there is only one in existence, kept safe on the mainland by his head of cybersecurity. This and only this will allow us to hack the system. But first things first, we find his archives."
―One of Pavel's briefings.

Fingerprint Cloner is a prep mission featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the The Cayo Perico Heist update, and a freeroam mission that can be completed at any time while The Cayo Perico Heist strand is active.

It is a mandatory mission that must be completed in order to progress into finale.


Pavel tells the player that the only way of hacking the fingerprint scanner in Mr. Rubio's office is to steal the the failsafe tool (the fingerprint cloner). The player must go to a warehouse, deal with the security cameras to enter quietly or make a full on assault. Once the cybersecurity guards inside are eliminated, the player must hack a laptop to reveal the location of the archive.

They must then go to the archive, deal with more security cameras and enter the unoccupied facility and find and steal the fingerprint cloner, and then return it to the Kosatka.

Enemy forces in Novaks will pursue them on the return trip, regardless of whether the security cameras were disabled at either location.


Warehouse Image Map
La Mesa
Cypress Flats
Archive Image Map
Under Pleasure Pier
Del Perro Beach
Under the freeway


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