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Steal a Chernobog ballistic missile launcher from Merryweather Security.
— Brief.

Chernobog is a prep mission featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of The Doomsday Heist update. It is a freeroam mission needed to progress Act III of The Doomsday Heist.


You've got a location on your GPS. Merryweather are running a training exercise with a Chernobog missile launcher, which we'll need if we wanna help that old IAA agent, ULP, get past Avon's hijacked defense network. So, get over there and take it.
— Lester's briefing.

The crew is instructed to go to a Merryweather Security camp, where Lester informs that they are doing a training exercise with a Chernobog ballistic missile truck, which is needed to protect agent ULP get past Avon's hijacked defense network.

Once they arrive to the location, they have to take out the guards, with Lester warning that two of them are armed with Railguns. Once the guards are taken out, one should steal the truck and bring it to the Facility. Lester informs that the missile system is deactivated, so the driver must evade oncoming Merryweather reinforcements pursuing in Mesas. An unoccupied Rhino Tank can be found in the site as well, which can be used to defend the truck.

When approaching to the Facility, the enemy reinforcements won't chase the crew anymore, so they can safely deliver the truck.

Possible Locations

Lester's Dialogue

These contractors will be heavily armed too, in addition to their deactivated missiles. Ever since things started heating up they've been in post-apocalypse mode... two contractors carrying railguns on every exercise... so, uh, maybe like think about going for those two before moving on the launcher. And, umm, folks with enough firepower to down every plane in US airspace are usually, in my experience, a little jumpy. So, uh, really think about it before you engage them.
— When approaching to the site.
The driver's outta the cab! Take it and run!
— After taking out all the guards.
Go, go, go, go! Bring the launcher to base! The missile system's deactivated, so don't even try it. Just bring it in!
— After entering the Chernobog.
We stop Cliffford, we stop Avon, we get paid... that's the game plan here. I'm not gonna get into the AI apocalipse, and humanity's obsolescence. The money's all that matters... for us.
— When approaching to the Facility.
Well, you could'a got that back in better shape. Okay, that's coming outta your pocket not mine, the mechanic at the facility is gonna have to fix it up. Anyway, anyway... we're still better armed than most nation states. If only that was the end game. Come to Planning when you wanna move for that agent.
— After delivering the Chernobog to the Facility.