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Heist Almighty - Itali is a vehicle side mission in Grand Theft Auto during the Liberty City level Heist Almighty (Level 2).

Important note: The player will be Wasted in this mission, therefore losing all weapons. The player must have at least one extra life in order to complete it.


Enter the red Itali in south west Estoria (just the same place where the rigged 4 x 4 placed). Get a call from some fanatic guy then drive to the subway station in east Island Heights. Step on the platform, the objective is to ride on the rigged train. Enter the forthcoming one, do neither steal nor leave it until it blows up. After this the player will appear at the nearest hospital and will be called by the strange guy who will bring his apologizes and admirations.


  • Like the Gangsta Bang - Counthash mission in the previous level, this mission does not feature in the PlayStation version. Due to graphical limitations, trains do not appear so it was removed but the pager message will still notify the player of the non-existant car.

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