Hector Hernandez was the host of Radio Espantoso in 1984 (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories) and was a failed telenovela (soap opera) actor who is obsessed with making it back to the top, making a deal with Jeremy Robard. He also mentions Pepe, who, by 1986 (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City), replaces him.

Hector speaks both English and Spanish, usually switching between both while talking, similar to many of the pedestrians in the game.

He is voiced by Frank Rodriguez.


Hector claims to be a superstar and constantly brags about himself and his careers, claiming to be a successful actor, DJ genius, foo fighter and even an astronaut. Apparently, he worked in the station because Jeremy Robard promised him an audition with a movie producer friend. He also seemed to work in a coast, since Jeremy calls to ask if there are any guard boats around, saying that he has some importing to do. Hector responds that there are none and asks him about the deal, to which Jeremy responds "any day now" and suggests Hector to believe in himself and wear tight pants.

When the song Quimbara ends, Hector says that the song was in one of the films in which he appeared, called Three Hills and a Tragedy and that he "made love" while it played.

In one of the two calls heard in-game, a man mocks him, calling him a failed and terrible actor, and that his foo fighter character was killed with a bullhorn in his ass. After hearing him, Hector gets nervous and says it's "nonsense", then cuts the call with another song (Mi Ritmo Es Bueno), which he accidentally scratches while bragging about himself once more, but quickly plays it again.

Few moments later while the song is playing, Hector says that his character's death was just him acting and that they just made it look like the horn went up his ass, but by the end of it, he mumbles that "he can't be silenced, not even with a mortally wounding and embarrassing career-ending accident", implying that it wasn't acted and is what ended his career as an actor.

At some point he also says "Pepe, the station only has one DJ: Hector Hernandez on Radio Espantoso!" which means both might know each other and probably worked together before Pepe replaced him.


  • His broadcast on MeTV features a glimpse of two flags belonging to Puerto Rico and Cuba respectively and also the image of a car with a license plate that reads "CUBAN", meaning that he might be of Puerto Rican or (most likely) Cuban origin.


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