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The Heavy Rifle is a weapon that was cut from the final release of Grand Theft Auto V.


Judging from its name and appearance, the Heavy Rifle appears to be based on the FN SCAR platform, specifically the 7.62mm SCAR-H battle rifle, the heaviest variant of the SCAR platform. This is also suggested by the shape of the magazine.

The attachments it could have were the Scope, Extended Clip, Flashlight, Grip and Suppressor.

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HUD Icon


  • Oddly, the original HUD icon appears to have a correctly modeled image reflecting the general appearance of the FN SCAR, including a front sight/gas block, barrel, rear flip-up sight and stock, complete with a cheek rest (a prominent feature on the FN SCAR). However, both the model leftover and the enhanced HUD icon are rather changed and instead features a differently mounted barrel, different sights and a more traditional stock.
  • The Heavy Rifle also makes a cameo appearance in The Simian's trailer, in the hands of a chimp.[1] Unlike the current rendition, this one appears to be correctly modeled after the FN SCAR (like the one in the original HUD icon).
    • It is likely that the reason it was scrapped during development is because the gun did not fit correctly into the character's holding animation. This is also seen in the in-game trailer, where the chimps are seen holding the gun as if it was much larger than it should be.