Hayes Autos is an auto repair garage appearing in Grand Theft Auto V, located on Little Bighorn Avenue, South Los Santos.


The garage is located on Little Bighorn Avenue in Strawberry, Los Santos. It is bored by a multi-story parking lot to the west, AGL Refrigerated Storage Inc. to the south and a potentially-rival auto repair business, Auto Re-perez to the north.

The garage is quite small and is normally inaccessible in free roam, although it can be entered after finishing the first and third car theft missions for Weston. The exterior is in a noticeably run-down condition, and many wrecked vehicles can be found here.

The yard is usually empty, however Radio Los Santos can be heard playing inside the garage. A Regina, BeeJay XL, Picador or Mesa can spawn outside the garage door between 05:00 am and 11:00 am.[1] As well as the mechanic's car, up to two random cars can also be found inside the yard, one parked outside the 'truck tires' garage, and another parked underneath the 'autos' metal overhang on the right of the entrance.

Events of Grand Theft Auto V

The garage serves as an important role for Devin Weston, as he requests Franklin, Michael and Trevor to obtain multiple high-end vehicles and store them at the garage. It is first seen during I Fought the Law... where the stolen Entity XF and Cheetah are stored within the garage. These two cars are then seen as props, located outside underneath cloth. Its next appearance is at the end of Deep Inside after Franklin steals a JB 700. The final appearance doesn't involve entering the garage itself, but rather delivering a Monroe outside and loading it onto a car carrier trailer along with the rest of the cars.

Between the first and third appearances, Franklin may be encountered inside the garage during a switch scene. On a nearby wall, a checklist for all required vehicles is marked on the wall in blue.

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