Hawick Avenue is a two-way street in Grand Theft Auto V that runs through Burton, Hawick and Alta, in Los Santos.


The avenue starts at the intersection of Boulevard Del Perro and Milton Road in the west and ends at Elgin Avenue in the east, where it becomes Popular Street. Hawick Avenue has connections to Eastbourne Way, San Vitus Boulevard, Las Lagunas Boulevard, Laguna Place, Alta Street, Alta Place, Power Street and Meteor Street.


Hawick Avenue is a popular shopping destination in Los Santos, characterized by low-rise buildings and businesses. It is based on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.

Places of Interest



  • Del Perro Boulevard Gallery
  • Eclipse Lodge Apartments (corner of San Vitus Boulevard)
  • Los Santos Corner (corner of Las Lagunas Boulevard)
  • Rockford Plaza (corners of Las Lagunas Boulevard and San Vitus Boulevard)
  • San Andreas Gallery of Modern Art (corner of Eastbourne Way)





  • Period Rags (corner of Laguna Place)
  • Pipe Dreams (corner of Alta Street)
  • SubUrban (accessible interior)
  • The Casting Couch (corner of Las Lagunas Boulevard)
  • The Directors Cut
  • The Fish Net
  • The Infamous Gear and Clothing
  • Trey Baker
  • Twinkle Toes
  • Vinewood Music (corner of Alta Street)
  • Vinewood Sports
  • Vinylism Record Store (corner of Las Lagunas Boulevard)
  • Xhoti


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