Aerial view of Hawick.

Hawick is a neighborhood located in Vinewood, Los Santos. It is bordered by Rockford Hills to the west, Downtown to the south, Mirror Park to the east, and the rest of Vinewood to the north.



A satellite view of the neighborhood.


The general area of Hawick on the map.

Hawick is primarily a shopping district. There are several stores located in Hawick, including Ammu-Nation and Hippy Feet. There is one main road that passes through Hawick and contains most of the businesses. Despite Hawick's close proximity to Rockford Hills, it does not feature many luxury businesses. It likely serves as a commercial area for Mirror Park to the east.

Events of GTA V

The mission Eye In The Sky partially takes place over Hawick, while Trevor is piloting a Maverick looking for Chad Mulligan. Occasionally, Michael De Santa can be seen dropping off his wife in his Tailgater to let her go shopping. He tells her to not spend too much.


Hawick's name and appearances appears to be based on the Melrose District of Los Angeles, as Melrose and Hawick are both Scottish towns.

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Hawick is well served by the Los Santos Transit in the form of various bus stops along Hawick Avenue.

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  • Hawick is a town in Roxburghshire, Scotland, approximately 50 miles south of Rockstar North's Edinburgh headquarters. Around the time of the game's release, a Hawick councilor expressed his "disgust" at Hawick's name being used to represent a "druggie hipster" district, claiming it could "destroy Hawick's reputation". [1]

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