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|location= [[South Bohan]], [[Bohan]]
|location= [[South Bohan]], [[Bohan]]
|reward= [[Money|$3000]]
|reward= [[Money|$3000]]
|unlocks=[[Brucie Kibbutz|Brucie's]] [[missions|mission]], [[No. 1]]
|unlockedby=[[The Snow Storm]]
|unlocks=[[Wrong is Right]]

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Have a Heart is the last mission given to Niko Bellic by Elizabeta Torres in GTA IV.


Elizabeta is starting to lose control. The cops are noticeably closing in, her associates are turning states, and the only person left she feels she can trust is Niko. While she is explaining this to Niko, Manny Escuela and his camera-man Jay enter and begin to explain that Elizabeta Torres is doing bad for "the streets". Elizabeta gets angry and blasts both Manny Escuela and Jay Hamilton through the eyes.

Elizabeta Torres asks Niko to deliver the bodies to a doctor that can transplant the organs of the two bodies into someone else.


This is a relatively simple mission with a substantial reward. Jump in the car and you will be given a GPS waypoint. Drive to the doctor in Broker but be careful not to damage the car. The truck will fly open and if a cop passes by, the player will have to lose a two-star wanted level. It is possible, however, to pull the car over to the side of the street and close the trunk of the car.

Once you get to the doctor, he will tell Niko that the organs of Manny and Jay will be "out on the streets in no time."

An alternative to success is simply dumping the car in the river or blowing it up while it's on the highway, but then you don't get paid.


  • Niko tells the doctor that Manny Escuela has been trying to "clean up the streets" his whole life. Then he jokes that Manny might actually be doing that now, since his body parts are helping others to live.
  • The GPS and Elizabeta Torres both tell Niko to drive the bodies to the doctor in Broker. Geographically, the doctor is located far up in Dukes. You can find that out by pausing the game and seeing that the GPS waypoint is all the way up in Steinway, Dukes.
  • The mission is still passed if the car is blown up by the player on the highway, however Elizabeta calls shortly after to tell Niko that he "just missed out on a payday."


Both of these men were killed in a bolt of anger by Elizabeta Torres.

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