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Tommy Vercetti wearing the Havana outfit in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

The Havana Outfit is one of the 12 unlockable outfits in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It is unlocked after the completion of the mission Two Bit Hit. The Havana outfit is worn by the members of the Cubans and is named after their turf. In the mission Two Bit Hit, Tommy goes to the Little Havana Streetwear & Tattoo Parlour, changes into the Havana outfit and kills a gang lord, thus starting a gang war between the Cubans and the Haitians. The Havana Outfit consists of a red bandana, a white T-Shirt with a red circle in the middle, a brown belt, light blue stonewashed jeans, and white sneakers. It spawns in front of the Little Havana Streetwear & Tattoo Parlour after the completion of the mission. Changing into the outfit will remove up to a two star wanted level, even if the player is already wearing the outfit.

The outfit is identical to the clothes worn by an extra during the airport scene in Brother's Keeper, the first episode of Miami Vice.



In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the Havana outfit becomes unavailable after certain missions because the game relocates the pickup behind an invisible wall due to a glitch. Missions that require the player to change their clothes will remove all clothing pickups, but puts them back after the mission is over. However, three missions ("Cop Land", "No Escape?" and "The Job") misplace the Havana outfit pickup into the wrong place.

To avoid this glitch, the player must complete these three missions before completing "Two Bit Hit". This is commonly referred to as the Havana Glitch or Havana Outfit Glitch and has not been fixed in most subsequent, updated versions. However, this glitch was fixed for the mobile versions.

There is a way to obtain the outfit through a glitch; place a motorbike in the shop doorway and destroy it, jump on the wreckage and try jumping over the invisible barrier. You will fall through Blue Hell but you should collect the pickup during the fall.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City - How to get the Havana Outfit

Grand Theft Auto Vice City - How to get the Havana Outfit

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