The Jobuilt Hauler is a tractor trailer truck featured in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


The design of the truck is evidently based on that of the Kenworth K100 and of the Peterbilt cab-over trucks. For this reason it resembles the Packer from GTA IV.



The performance is average and the acceleration is rather slow. The truck has, however, a considerable good top speed even if it is the slowest tractor trailer in Grand Theft Auto V.

Its large V8 [citation/verification needed] engine can maintain an average speed, but gear change is among the slowest in the class. The weight of the truck doesn't support how slow the truck is however, other factors such as its front weight and flat nose design force the truck to slow down. With no weight distribution at all, and no AWD drive train, the truck isn't a good pick for off-roading, speeding or crashing, leaving its only purpose as a road vehicle.

GTA V Overview

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  • The Hauler can be found either with or without a wind deflector on its roof.
  • The Packer in GTA IV seems to share the main body design as the Hauler.




  • Like most large trucks in the game, shooting one of the gas tanks on the side may cause the vehicle to start fire and/or explode.
  • The default radio stations for the Hauler are Los Santos Rock Radio, Vinewood Boulevard Radio and Radio Mirror Park.
  • Rarely, Haulers may spawn with either black or gasoline green paint.
  • During the night cycle, the front axle texture becomes brighter, white in colour compared to the other axle textures (Most common in online multiplayer).
  • It's the first flat-nose cab semi in the entire series.
  • It is the most used commercial truck in GTA Online missions.
  • The horn has been changed for the enhanced version, it can now have a number of different horn, randomly selected once entered.


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