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"Collect a trailer and deliver it to the drop-off location."
Work description.

Haulage is CEO/VIP Work featured in Grand Theft Auto Online added as part of the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update.


"We need you to take care of some delicate cargo for one of our exporters. Take possession of the goods and get them to the drop off in one piece. This is a valuable contract, so expect competition."
SecuroServ text message.
When Haulage is started, the organization must go to a specified location where a Trailer is parked Blips-GTAO-Haulage-Trailer-Friendly. At the location, a truck cab will be available to tow the trailer with, however the player can use any acceptable truck cab to tow the trailer. The truck cab at each location will be a matte-black Phantom. This truck can tolerate more explosive damage than its regular appearance, has a stronger axle to avoid crumpling, and has bulletproof tires. Passengers of the truck cannot be locked onto from other players. At each location, a dark red Technical will also be on site. This Technical, like the Phantom, has bulletproof tires. The Technical can be used by any Associate or Bodyguard to assist the driver of the truck.

When the trailer is connected to the trailer, it must be transported and delivered to another location at the other side of the map. A successful delivery will reward the CEO/VIP and all associates with cash and RP.

If the player is killed, they will be able reenter the truck cab and continue to transport the trailer. If the player is destroyed with explosives, they will have to obtain the nearest truck cab available. Other available truck cabs are scattered around the map Blips-GTAO-Haulage-Truck-Friendly for the player to obtain and use.The trailer is indestructible to fire, collision and explosives, meaning that players must simply fight to gain possession of the trailer and deliver it. If the trailer is submerged, turned over, or otherwise difficult to obtain, it will be relocated to a suitable position. Once the trailer is delivered, it is disconnected from the truck and cannot be reconnected. The player is free to use the truck cab remaining, however on some occasions, unless the player owns the cab (for Phantom Wedge/Hauler Custom/Phantom Custom)

Vehicles which can tow the trailer are:

The trailer can be:

It should be noted that the player cannot use the Cargobob's grappling hook to transport the trailer, as the trailer will become disconnected seconds after connecting, likely to make the mission easier for rival players.

Traffic on the main highways, such as the Great Ocean Highway, is greatly reduced during delivery, to the point where only one or two cars are onscreen. A regular flow of traffic will begin to spawn immediately after delivery.

"Organization have started Haulage. Steal the trailer and deliver it to the drop-off to earn cash and RP."

Other players are alerted of the Organization's activities once the trailer has been connected. At this point, the trailer becomes visible on the radar Blips-GTAO-Haulage-Trailer-Enemy along with the same available truck cabs Blips-GTAO-Haulage-Truck-Friendly around the map. They are instructed to steal the trailer and deliver it to the drop-off location. They are able to kill the player by the means of weaponry, or even explode the truck cab, killing the driver. The truck cab can also be locked onto with homing missiles, however because the trailer cannot be destroyed with explosives, the trailer can often protect the truck itself from being destroyed when travelling in the same direction at the player.

Haulage Locations

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Trailer Locations

There are ten possible trailer locations.

Drop-off Locations

For each of the ten possible trailer locations, there are 3 possible drop-off locations for that specific trailer location, totaling to 30 possible drop-off locations.

Additional Truck Cab Locations

For each of the 10 possible trailer locations, there are 8 additional "reserve" truck cabs (Haulers) scattered around the map, totaling to 80 possible truck cab locations. Each selection of 8 truck cabs form a specific route towards the drop-off location, meaning each of the 10 possible trailer location has a different selection of truck cab locations.

Instructional Messages

You have started Haulage. Collect the trailer and deliver it to the drop-off to earn cash and RP.
Your CEO has started Haulage. Collect the trailer and deliver it to the drop-off to earn cash and RP.
The truck cab Blips-GTAO-Haulage-Truck-Friendly nearby can be used to connect to the trailer and deliver it.
Other players in session have been alerted to your activities. These players can now come after the goods to earn cash and RP.
The truck cabs Blips-GTAO-Haulage-Truck-Friendly around the map can connect to the trailer and be used to deliver it.
Additional truck cabs Blips-GTAO-Haulage-Truck-Friendly around the map can also connect to the trailer and be used to deliver it.
Organization have started Haulage. Steal the trailer Blips-GTAO-Haulage-Trailer-Enemy and deliver it to the drop-off to earn cash and RP.


  • The player can request delivery of a personal Phantom Wedge to tow the trailer, as this vehicle has more speed and power than the available trucks scattered round the map.
    • The player can request their Mobile Operations Center to be delivered to a suitable nearby location. They can then disconnect the Mobile Operations Center trailer from their Hauler Custom or Phantom Custom and use this as the towing vehicle. Both of these have very similar top speeds, much higher than regular trucks, as well as similar durability and bullet-resistance.



  • The player is unable to start this mission in solo lobbies, or lobbies with no other players.
  • The mission is titled as "Fragile Goods" in the game files.[1]
    • Despite the internal name, the trailers, presumably carrying the goods, is indestructible.



Trailer glitch at LTD gas station.

  • The LTD gas station trailer location is currently glitched; the trailer becomes stuck solid to the ground and cannot be towed away from the location, rendering the mission impossible to complete.




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