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Hasta La Vista is an Adversary Mode featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Heists Update, released on March 10, 2015.


The players are put into two teams; a team of cyclists and a team of truckers. Due to this mission only being playable with exactly four players, this game mode will always be contested 2v2.

The goal of the cyclists is to reach the finish line within five real-time minutes; the truckers' goal is to stop them. Cyclists will be given a head start at the beginning of the mission.

Truckers have unlimited lives but cyclists only have one each. All participants are unarmed and are not allowed to use any vehicles other than the ones chosen, a Whippet Race Bike for the cyclists and a Hauler for the truckers.

If radar blips are turned off then the players cannot see the other team on the radar, however, the headlights of the trucks can be used as a significant indication of the truckers' whereabouts.


Image Location Map
Hasta La Vista I starts at the north side of the Los Santos Storm Drain. The finish line is on the south side.
Hasta La Vista II starts at the Vinewood Sign. The finish line is by the Arcadius Business Center in Downtown Los Santos.
Hasta La Vista III starts by the run-down Xero gas station on Route 68 Approach. The finish line is at the RON gas station on Route 68.
Hasta La Vista IV starts on the Great Ocean Highway by the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness. The finish line is at the tunnel underneath Fort Zancudo.
Hasta La Vista V starts on the west side of the La Puerta Freeway bridge. The finish line is on the east side.

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  • Hasta La Vista is a reference to the phrase "Hasta La Vista, baby" said by The Terminator. The game mode itself is a reference to the famous chase scene in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, which involves a semi-truck and a motorbike.
    • The chase in the movie takes place in the Los Angeles River, which the Los Santos Storm Drain is based on - this is also where Hasta La Vista I takes place.