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Hippies! Don't they just make your skin crawl. They're useless, pointless, meaningless, soap-dodging parasites. In my day, we would round up guys like this and shoot them. That's why we fought the war!
— GTA San Andreas Website

Hashbury is a district of San Fierro, San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that is dominated by a counter-culture vibe, boasting such retailers as the Hippy Shopper and Bing's Bongs, and basks in the general euphoria and laid-back sentiment that pervades the neighborhood. Zero's RC Shop is just to the east of Hashbury, in Garcia

West of the district is Ocean Flats, while to the north is Queens and City Hall. To the south of the district is the Avispa Country Club, and to the east is Garcia.

The name Hashbury is a double entendre. Hashbury is a play on the name of this district's real-life counterpart, the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco (colloquially known to locals as "the Haight"), and the word "hashish", meaning marijuana. Like the Haight, Hashbury's streets provide countless opportunities to spot hippies and other members of the social fringe. Hashbury also supports a "joint" festival with neighboring Garcia, another double entendre referring to both the cooperative nature of the festival and its theme (marijuana).




Street level of Hashbury's hippy-influenced area.


Stationary Vehicles



  • Hashbury is one of the few neighborhoods in San Andreas where gay and lesbian couples can be seen on the streets. For example, two people of the same gender can be seen walking down the streets holding hands, or kissing on the sidewalk. This is more common in Central Hashbury, and more commonly seen in some pedestrians.
  • The stretch of the park to the east of the neighborhood is meant to resemble the "Panhandle" of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, where hippies used to smoke weed on the grass.