The Harwood Train Yard is a disused railroad yard in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


Very little is known about the Harwood Train Yard. The yard is the terminus of a railroad line connecting Harwood and Portland View to Portland Harbor via a tunnel underneath the district of Saint Mark's, until it was abandoned at an unknown point in time. Following closure, most of the line was removed and a Supa Save/Fidl supermarket was built over part of the old line.

As of 2001, the only remaining structures are a platform and two sidings with some old flatbeds standing on them and resting against some overgrown buffers. A small section of line remains which ends abruptly at the entrance to the tunnel. The player is able to enter the tunnel by driving around the old loading freight platforms and onto the tracks, then turning west into the tunnel, which exits behind the supermarket in Portland Harbor.



  • Unusually for American rolling stock, the flatbeds in the train yard have buffers and screw link coupling hooks, features which are only present on British and Continental European rolling stock.
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