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Harwood Ferry Terminal, also referred to as Harwood Ferry Station, is a ferry terminal featured in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


The ferry terminal is located in Harwood, near the Harwood Dirt Track. The ferry terminal is closed due to protests taking place in the terminal and at Portland Harbor, with at least six ferry workers and two drums blocking off the entrance to the terminal, along with two large white banners saying "Save the Ferrys" and "No Tunnel" placed near the entrance.

However, If the Driving Mr Leone mission has been completed, most workers have returned to work while the other workers have moved to the Shoreside Lift Bridge to continue their protests. The terminal will also open to public again with several pedestrians and vehicles wandering around the area.

A Hidden Package can be found inside a booth on the right ferry dock, a Body Armor inside an empty space in the building, a Pump Shotgun in a small pier near the entrance of the ferry terminal, and a Moonbeam and Angel can be usually parked in the terminal's parking lot.

Events of GTA Liberty City Stories

Toni Cipriani is sent by Salvatore Leone to send Jane Hopper a message by scaring her inside her limousine while wearing her chauffeur's uniform and driving erratically around Portland and Toni eventually delivers the scared Hopper to the ferry terminal in Harwood.

Later in game, Toni and Salvatore head to the ferry terminal to escape from Portland, only to be ambushed by the LCPD and FBI. Salvatore then tells Toni to head to the unfinished Callahan Bridge with a ramp placed on the bridge, allowing Toni and Salvatore to escape to the Staunton Island.

After the events of GTA Liberty City Stories

Sometime between 1998 and 2000, the ferry terminal is demolished to make way for the Portland extension to the Porter Tunnel.

Mission Appearances

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories