"I’ve got some competition based at a construction site in La Puerta. If the head of the crew had an accident, maybe they won’t be so competitive, you get me? Go to the site, clap the dude, I’ll make it worth your while."

Hard Labor is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Online given to the player by Gerald. It is available from 1-4 players.


The team must go to the La Puerta Apartments construction site in La Puerta. Once there, the team will have to eliminate the gang members who are protecting the Gang Boss.

They are to do this floor by floor, and must kill all the members on the first floor first, before then killing all of the members on the second floor, before finally killing all of the members (and the boss) who are on the roof of the construction site.

The boss, however, escapes in a Maverick helicopter, which you can either pursue in the skies or on land. If choosing the latter, he will eventually land the Frogger at a beach in the Palomino Highlands. Once the boss is killed, the mission is completed.

Mission Objectives

  • Go to the construction site.
  • Take out the gang members on the first floor.
  • Take out the gang members on the second floor.
  • Take out the gang members on the roof.
  • Take out the gang boss.


  • The stairs to the roof of the construction site are barricaded, so be cautious when going up to there. This may also cause you to not kill the Boss before he makes his getaway.
  • Buzzard is an ideal helicopter to give chase to the Boss due to having the ability to fire homing rockets.
  • The enemy helicopter does not spawn until the second floor has been cleared, so don't waste time destroying it beforehand.
  • The helicopter will still land in the Palomino Highlands, even if the guards are killed or the helicopter is shot at by the player whilst at the landing location.
  • None of the top floor enemies are required to be killed. Once the enemy helicopter spawns it's safe to go back to ground level, get a car, and chase the helicopter.
    • However, if chasing through ground, Grangers with 2 enemies each will appear. They don't come infinitely, so it's best to either kill all of them or lose them with a fast vehicle. Ambushing the helicopter at it's final location is a good option.


  • This mission was one of three new contact missions added in the Independence Day Special update along with Pickup Sticks and Time to Get Away.
  • The building site location is subject to an out-of-bounds zone until the player unlocks the top floor objective. This acts in a similar way to Survival mode in that the player will get an on-screen "Bounds" warning with a 20 second countdown to get back into the zone. Failure to comply will fail the mission.

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