Harbour Tunnel in Grand Theft Auto III.

Harbour Tunnel is a a small tunnel in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. The northern entrance of the tunnel is located in the Harwood Train Yard, behind the 8-Ball Autos, and ends behind the Supa Save!/Fidl in Portland View. It passes under the Saint Mark's district.

In Grand Theft Auto III, a group of tramps with molotovs can be found in the tunnel, supposedly remnants of Darkel's "gang" - a Liberty Tree article also alludes to a rise in tramp-related assaults. Also, one hidden package can be found in the middle of those tramps.



  • The fold-out map for GTA III erroneously labels the tunnel as the Porter Tunnel.
  • On rare occasions in GTA LCS, if the player somehow manages to lure hostile gang members into chasing Toni inside the tunnel, the player may hear gunfire from above the tunnel, indicating the Leones are seemingly trying to "attack" the gang members since the tunnel is right below the Leone territory. The same also happens if the player have a high wanted level (3 or more stars), the law enforcement will still continue shooting, even though they cannot see the player.
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