Hans Oberlander is, in 1992, a German DJ of the SF-UR radio station in San Andreas. He is voiced by Lloyd Floyd.


Oberlander is portrayed as a very insecure and hyperactive man. On a number of occasions he begs the public, even the whole of San Fierro, to hug him, before crying during the intro to a song. During some songs, Oberlander speaks in a combination of German and English sentences, proving he is bilingual. Oberlander, as well as his mother, is known to be a taker of drugs, even waiting for his dealer Andreas to arrive during the intro to a song.

Oberlander appears to be very fond of his music, and as such, the outros to his songs usually contain a robotic voice muttering the dislike of pop music and rock music. However, this causes problems amongst his listeners. During one phone call, a woman calls him asking for a request, before he denies it, saying that the listeners of his shows are his "prisoners". During another phone call, his father calls him, telling him about his dislike for the music his son plays, and telling him that "if you are going to be ruthless you have to send them beautiful Wagnerian operas" instead. During the same phone call, he also gives out that his mother "found these pills in your room", and had engaged in intercourse with the neighbour's dog over it.


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