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For the store and grill diner, see Hang Ten (Grill Diner).

You people are not very fucking nice!
Trevor Philips, to Floyd and Debra, moments before they are both killed.

Hang Ten is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V that protagonist Trevor Philips does independently. Michael De Santa makes an appearance at the end of the mission.


Trevor returns to Floyd's apartment. Outside the apartment, he runs into Floyd Hebert who tells Trevor that he can't come in. Trevor pushes past Floyd and kicks open the apartment door.

Inside, he meets Debra, Floyd's girlfriend, who has just returned from a business trip and is completely furious at Trevor's presence in the apartment. Trevor insults Debra, pushing her into an even greater rage. Trevor's mood changes suddenly, and he begs Debra and Floyd to accept him for who he is. Debra continues to hurl insults, telling Floyd that "Bob" (presumably Debra's lover) was right about him, saying that he is "not a man at all". She demands that both Trevor and Floyd leave her home immediately, calling the former the latter's "weird friend"; when Trevor attempts to correct her, she pulls a pistol from a drawer in the kitchen, declaring that she is not afraid to use it and that Bob taught her. Enraged, Floyd grabs a knife from the kitchen counter while screaming "Fuck Bob!". Trevor gets angry and comments "You people are not very fucking nice!" as the screen cuts to black.

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Floyd and Debra are then killed off-screen, and the scene shifts to the exterior of the apartment. Trevor, now covered in blood, staggers out of the front door. Wade arrives and wants to go inside the apartment to see Floyd, but Trevor advises Wade against it. Instead, he and Wade get in Trevor's vehicle and drive to the Vanilla Unicorn. During the drive, Trevor explains that Floyd and Debra have "disappeared" and will probably not return. If the player takes long enough to drive there, Trevor and Wade will engage in a conversation revealing some of Wade's backstory including first meeting Trevor and the disappearance (and implied murder) of his friends Daisy-Bell and Kush-Chronic on the way to The Gathering.

Trevor and Wade arrive at the Vanilla Unicorn, where Trevor instructs several of the strippers to take care of Wade. Trevor then heads to the office of the club's manager, Leon. Trevor walks in and tells Leon he's about to "meet his new partner", before closing the door and killing Leon off-screen.

The player is switched to Michael, who is in his mansion in Rockford Hills and in a phone conversation with Lester. Lester tells Michael that Trevor has taken over the Vanilla Unicorn. Michael agrees to meet there to plan the next mission.


  • Trevor can now use the Vanilla Unicorn as a safehouse, but Floyd's Apartment will no longer be accessible (unless the player uses glitches or tricks).
  • Trevor can now receive free lap dances and drinks. Michael and Franklin still have to pay for theirs, but will no longer be thrown out for touching the strippers.
  • Mr. Raspberry Jam will be attached to Trevor's Bodhi if the stock bumper is fitted.
  • The Josh Bernstein mission strand is unlocked for Trevor.


Trevor approaches Floyd's Apartment.
Floyd: I miss ya already. (to Debra)
Floyd leaves the condo and looks at Trevor walking up.
Floyd: What the F word are you doing here?
Trevor: That's a funny way to greet your cousin.
Floyd: You ain't my G-damn cousin, Trevor.
Trevor: I thought we was family.
Floyd: Please just go and ruin somebody else's home furnishings!
Debra: Who the F is that, Floyd?
Floyd: No one, my sweet!
Trevor: Hey, by any chance did you catch crabs at that conference?
Trevor kicks the door open and Debra screams getting scared of Trevor.
Debra: Ah! Floyd!
Trevor: I heard that those conferences are regular little fuck fests! Huh? Can I come in? Huh?
Debra: I'd like you to leave, right now!
Trevor casually walks to the kitchen, grabbing a mug and filling it up with tap water.
Trevor: Oh yeah... Some serious corporate gangbanging going on, right? Yeah with every executive and director of communications from here to Bangalore, taking it left, right and center. In the name of the team training, right? I mean that's what Floyd told me yesterday as he was staring at my, err... My penis.
Trevor sits down on the couch.
Debra: I want you to leave! Now!
Trevor: Look, this is all I've got, alright? I had a tough upbringing. My daddy was not nice to me! Okay? Now, look Debra, I love you, and I love you too, Floyd. Why can't we all just be together, huh? You can have Mondays through Thursdays, you can have the weekends, alright? I know that's not normal but in this crazy, crazy world, is normal so good, huh? Look Debra, Floyd!
Trevor falls onto his knees in front of Debra and Floyd.
Trevor: Will you marry me?
Debra: Get out of my condo! And you go too, Floyd. I told you, I've got a career. I don't need this... this... this... crap!
Trevor: Yes!
Debra: There. Ha... You made me swear. You're crap, Floyd! Crap! You're not a man at all! Bob's right about you.
Trevor: Whoa. Who's Bob?
Debra: I want both of you to go, now!
Debra walks over to the door and points at it.
Debra: You and your weird friend.
Trevor stands up, in disgust from what Debra said.
Trevor: Whoa, hey! My name is Trevor, sweetheart.
Debra: I... could give a fuck what the your fucking name is!
Debra walks over to the kitchen, grabbing a Pistol from a drawer and aims at Trevor.
Debra: I'm not afraid to use this. I'm not. Bob taught me.
Floyd quickly grabs a Knife that was laying on the kitchen worktop.
Floyd: Fuck Bob!
Trevor: You people are not very fucking nice!
The screen cuts to black. The screen fades back as Trevor leaves the apartment covered in blood, lightly panting.
Wade: Oh, hey there, Trevor!
Wade gets scared to see Trevor covered in blood, while Trevor simply get downstairs.
Wade: Oh.
Trevor: Hey there, Wade.
Wade: Did you meet Debra?
Trevor: Interesting lady...
Wade: I should probably go say hi.
Trevor: I wouldn't.
Wade: Why not?
Trevor: Let's go get in the car, alright? Let's go have the time of our lives!
Wade catches up with Trevor. The screen focuses on the smashed window, showing stains of blood. Trevor and Wade get in Trevor's vehicle.
  • I know exactly where to take you.
  • I know just the place.
Wade: I could run in and get Floyd and Debra. I know she seems kinda uptight, but she can have fun.
Trevor: No, I don't think she can, Wade.
Wade: Just Floyd then?
Trevor: Floyd's gonna meet us there.
Wade: Boys' trip.
Trevor: Exactly.
Wade: Oh, Trevor, what have you got all over yourself? You're all red. Is that... is that syrup?
Trevor: Yeah. Syrup... accident. We've all been there.
Wade: We sure have, but... but it don't taste like syrup.
Trevor: Don't taste me, alright? Just... no licking.
Wade: Okay.
Trevor: Hey, you remember when we met?
Wade: Sure. Last year. I was on the way to the gathering with Daisy Bell, and Kush-Chronic and...
Trevor: ...and you stopped in Sandy Shores to get lit, and you met a dealer, and he looked after you. When your friends had abandoned you.
Wade: That was weird, weren't it? The last time I saw 'em they was with you, driving out to the quarry, and then they just disappeared.
Trevor: Poof, right? I mean, they were gone. Some friends right? And now, cousin Debra don't want you around? I mean, there's a pattern here.
Wade: The condo did get messy.
Trevor: The pattern is, you can't rely on anyone. Anyone except me.
Trevor and Wade arrive at the strip club.
Trevor: Look! This is it!
Wade: So, this is where Floyd is gonna meet us? A strip club?
Trevor: Oh yeah.
Wade: That's unlike him, he's a real home body. He loves that apartment.
Trevor: Interestingly, you and me, we got a new home.
Trevor pushes Wade through the front door of the strip club and enters.
Wade: Where?
Trevor: Here! Right here.
Wade: Here?
Trevor: Here! Now I know it's unconventional, but that's the way we roll, homie. (to two strippers passing by) Hey, here, you two. You two. I want you to give this boy a good time. For a long time. (to a third stripper) Hey, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous... Tell me where the manager is of this fine establishment?
The stripper points towards the manager's office.
Stripper: Through there and take two doors to the right.
Trevor: Through there...
Stripper: To the right.
The stripper leaves the club. Trevor enters the manager's office.
Trevor: Amigo, prepare to meet your new partner!
Trevor closes the door. The camera switches to Michael in his mansion. He's in a phone call with Lester.
Michael: Hey Lester.
Lester: Hey, umm, Trevor just called me about the... uhh... big one, the UD. You know anything?
Michael: Yeah, I told him we could hit it, you down?
Lester: Of course I'm down. Look, I'll get my research together and meet you at Trevor's, he's taken over the Vanilla Unicorn gentlemen's club.
Michael: Alright, message Franklin.


  • Floyd Hebert - Killed off-screen for brandishing a knife at Trevor and Debra.
  • Debra - Killed off-screen for aiming a pistol at Trevor and Floyd.
  • Leon - Killed off-screen by Trevor in order to take over the Vanilla Unicorn.

Mission Objectives

  • Go to the strip club.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Time - Complete within 04:00
    • Skip all cutscenes, however the player can view both and beat the timer, dependant on their driving speed.


  • After this mission, Trevor can call Lamar, who will comment on a brutal murder that took place in his old Vespucci safehouse. Trevor will claim that "tragedy struck soon after he left", and reveal that he is now staying at the Vanilla Unicorn, to which Lamar tells him to say "What's up?" to Leon for him.
  • Parachute Jump number 8 becomes available again, as the train wreck blocking the line has been cleared.
  • Wade will always be found in one of the booths at the Vanilla Unicorn.

Bleeter Posts

  • @Vespucciseth - "All sorts of strange noises and goings on at Debra and Floyd's place next door."
  • @VanillaUnicorn - "It appears that we're under new management! You could have at least said goodbye before vanishing on us @Leon!"


  • If the player were to skip the cutscene when Trevor is in the house during the black screen, Trevor will fall through the map and teleport to the surface. Here, Wade won't spawn in and the only way to fix the glitch is to fail the mission.


Pictorial Walkthrough

Video Walkthrough

GTA Series Videos - GTA 5 PS5 - Hang Ten
[Gold Medal Guide - 4K 60fps]


  • Originally, this mission was going to be called "Paradise Lost". This is likely a reference to John Milton's work of the same name; an epic poem with more than 10,000 lines of verse about the temptation of Adam and Eve by the fallen angel Satan and their expulsion from the Garden of Eden.
  • Due to the screen fading to black, the chain of events resulting in Floyd's and Debra's deaths is not fully established.
  • During the opening cutscene, Trevor says that Floyd was "staring at his penis" the day before. However, this is the first time he has seen Floyd since he was exiled in Caida Libre.