Hang Out is a friendship option that Johnny Klebitz can pick in The Lost and Damned. The option is when the player goes to hang out with a friend at The Lost MC Clubhouse by picking a friend to hang out with and picking this option on his phone. The player has to be a good distance away from the clubhouse before calling a friend. Once the player chooses a friend to hang out with, the player drives to the clubhouse to meet his friend (who is leaning against the outside) and then they enter the clubhouse. Once the player enters the clubhouse with his friend they have a choice between three activities which are Hi-Lo cards, Pool and/or Arm Wrestling. After the player chooses to leave one of those activities, he will not be able to enter it again and will have to do another activity or can just leave the current hang out session. When the player decides to leave, he has to exit the safehouse and walk a short distance away from the clubhouse and then the player will complete the hang out session.


  • The easiest friend to beat at Arm Wrestling is Terry, while Clay and Jim are poor choices.
  • If the player exits a pool match before winning or losing he will obtain the Pool Cue, only if that slot is empty.
  • If the player plays Hi-Lo cards with a friend, he will sit opposite left to Johnny. When the friend sits there his voice will change to the voice of the Lost MC biker who always sits there.
  • The player can no longer hang out with Jim after the mission Was It Worth It?, and can no longer do the hang out activity after the mission Get Lost since the clubhouse becomes inaccessible.