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Infiltrate enemy agent base of ops and limit their power by securing a Weaponized Half-track from their fleet. Vehicle to be returned to friendlies.
— Brief.

Half-track Bully is a Mobile Operations mission featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Gunrunning update.


The crew is instructed to take a Dinghy boat on the Los Santos River. Agent 14 tells the crew that special clearance US Military equipment is in the hands of an enemy gang and he wants to retrieve it. The crew then heads towards a location near a warehouse in Banning and awaits further instructions. Eventually, Agent 14 informs them that they will look through a hacked security feed to provide a clearer view of the site and plan an approach. The crew should get a view of a single Half-track (or two, if there are four players).

With everything checked and after regaining control, the crew proceeds to get to the Half-track by eliminating the gang members by following Agent 14's suggestion of using a stealth approach. If one player gets into the Half-track/s, Agent 14 informs them that they have to gain entry by hacking the vehicle's doors with the SecuroServ hacking app. As soon as the hacking begins, the alarm is triggered and the gang members will attempt to stop the crew from stealing the target vehicles.

Once the hack is completed, the crew proceeds to take the vehicle/s, with the gunner/s providing defense with the mounted machine guns to clear the area and then leave it. Agent 14 warns that the gang will pursue them, so the crew has to evade pursuing targets in Fugitives, Buzzard Attack Choppers, and Valkyries, as well as a roadblock composed of Grangers on the bridge.

Once the crew reaches the Murrieta Oil Field, all pursuers will desist from chasing them, so they can reach to the drop off safely. There will be friendly agents awaiting with two Patriots. After delivering the vehicle/s, the mission ends.

Well done out there. Maybe next time we don't let enemy agents build an army in our back yard and we don't have to call you at all. Maybe...
— Agent 14's text

Mission Objectives

  • Get into the Dinghy.
  • Wait for your team to get into the Dinghy.
  • Go to the Half-track location.
  • Await further instructions.
  • Go to a ladder at the Half-track location.
  • Go to a Half-track.
  • Hack the Half-track doors.
  • Complete the hack on the Half-track.
  • Get into a Half-track.
  • Deliver the Half-track to the drop off.
  • Help deliver the Half-track to the drop off.

Video Walkthrough


GTA Online Gunrunning - Mobile Operation 2 - Half-track (Half-track Bully)


  • Going up the ladder is optional, so the team can instead go to the nearest shore on the side of the area to take out the enemies.
  • Because of the changes made to NPC-controlled Valkyries, the mission will be more difficult and may damage the target vehicle easily with the front autocannon.


  • At times, the camera feed view will not work, causing the camera to stuck into the character until the camera feed view ends. Other players will not be shown during said view either.