Hair on Hawick is a barber shop located on Hawick Avenue in HawickLos Santos in San Andreas. The shops' hair style program is known as traditional. The shop share the same interior and haircut options as the Herr Kutz Barber, O'Sheas Barbers Shop and Beach Combover Barber shop.


Hair Styles
Haircut Price
Fade $25
Triple Rails $28
Wavy Siderows $30
Snakes $28
Tramlines $25
Star Kuts $35
Shutters $38
Berms $40
Mellowplex $45
The Feud $50
Low Fro $95
Blowout (Rockstar Social Club Exclusive) FREE
Corn Rows $150
Shape-up $20
Beard Price
Clean Shave $20
Full Van Dyke (Rockstar Social Club Exclusive) FREE 
Full Spartan $65
Stubble $30


Hair Styles
Haircut Price
Lexington $40
The Wood (Rockstar Social Club Exclusive) FREE
Clippered Cut $50
Grown Out $60
Beard Price
Clean Shave $20
Long Stubbled $30
Full Beard (Rockstar Social Club Exclusive) FREE


Hair Styles
Haircut Price
Trailer Cut $20
Randal (Rockstar Social Club Exclusive) FREE
Grown Out $30
Mullet $60
Beard Price
Clean Shave $20
Handlebar (Rockstar Social Club Exclusive) FREE
The Gerry $65



  • On the wooden table near the entrance to the building are books such as the Liberty Cocks F.C. Official Guide and Baseball's Most Fabulous Legends, and various magazines.
  • There are triangle banners depicting the logos of the following sports teams: the Boars, the Dust Devils, the Panic, the Pounders, and the U.C.L.S. Bookworms.
  • There is a sign displayed on the wall reading: 'Cows may come. Cows may go. But the bull in this place goes on forever'.

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