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Alright, you're Haines' pilot, right? We got to wait until it's late enough, then we move in with the chopper.
— Michael De Santa to Haines' pilot during The Bureau Raid (Roof Entry)

Haines' pilot is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V.


He is a pilot, working for Steve Haines and the Federal Investigation Bureau.

Events of GTA V

If you want to pilot the first leg, I'll take over once you jump.
— Haines' pilot to Michael

If the player chooses the roof entry for The Bureau Raid during the mission, the pilot will appear at the NOOSE Headquarters. After leading the crew to the chopper he will instruct Michael to fly the heli to the jump zone. After the heli has reached the jump zone the pilot will start flying the helicopter. While hacking the terminal in the FIB Headquarters, Michael will say to the pilot that the crew must get out of there fast, so he asks the pilot to bring the heli over to the building. After some time a FIB Buzzard will see the heli over the building and shoot it down, resulting in the helicopter crashing, killing the pilot and severely damaging a few floors of the FIB Headquarters.

Mission Appearances

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