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Not to be confused with Gussét, a clothing store in Grand Theft Auto V.

Gusset is a US Navy sailor featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Heists Update. He is seen during the setup mission for The Humane Labs Raid on board at the USS Luxington ATT-16. His appearance is randomised as he spawns under multiple skins during that mission. His model can be selected in the Content Creator (Carrier crew section).


Gusset can be seen wearing a military utility cover hat and sunglasses. For the the rest of the body, he either wears a full navy blue coveralls, or a white or black shirt. His cap and pants can appear in a blue camouflage or plain dark navy blue pants.



  • His face, camouflaged pants and cap are identical to those of Clark's and Nolan's, from the Army.