Not to be confused with Gusset, a character in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Gussét is a high-end underwear brand in Grand Theft Auto V.


Their slogan, as seen on billboards across Los Santos, is "Under Couture". The brand itself is also available in the Leopolds store, located in Rockford Hills. Their lit shop windows use a generic texture but may be an indication they also sell other accessories like watches and jewelry.

The Portola Drive store has a timber-floored rooftop lounge with sun umbrellas and sofas that is accessible by ladder from the rear of adjoining buildings.


They operate two dedicated stores in Los Santos.


It may very likely be based on Guess? with almost identical names and logo typeface.

The name is a faux-French interpretation of a gusset, presumably meant to be pronounced without the hard "t" at the end.

The Portola Drive store is based on 370 North Rodeo Drive occupied by a Cartier store, which also has the rooftop lounge.


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