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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
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WANTED: Security detail for miscreants really in need of some security. Cash reward to get them where they going.
— Notice inside the Clubhouse.
Okay, you good to go? You running security out at La Blanca Ranch. There's a big as contract on the folks at this meet. You make sure the contract ain't honored, you get paid.
— Malc's briefing for the La Blanca Ranch variant.
I know, I know, you all got bored of that damsel in distress shit, but chicks actually need a hand sometimes. The ladies at the Unicorn ripped off the Lost one time too many, and now, they paying for protection from the motherfuckers. Go handle it.
— Malc's briefing for the Vanilla Unicorn variant.
When in need, who folks gonna call? That's right, you. Word is the Ballas goin' hit this funeral procession, so you all got to protect it. Hold 'em off, you gonna get paid.
— Malc's briefing for the Church variant.

Guns for Hire is a Clubhouse Contract featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Bikers update. It is a freeroam mission given to the player by Malc. At least two MC members are required.


The players are instructed to collect a pair of vehicles and deliver them to a destination. There are three possible variants of the mission, but all of them follow the same basic premise.

The players must either collect two XLSs from Marlowe Vineyards and deliver them to La Fuente Blanca, two Stretches from The Richman Hotel and deliver them to Vanilla Unicorn, or a Romero Hearse and a Cognoscenti from a location in West Vinewood and deliver them to the Hill Valley Church in Pacific Bluffs. There are two clients the players must protect per car. Starting from when the players exit their clubhouse, they have 15 minutes to get to the vehicles and bring them to their drop-off. During the drive, the two vehicles must stay near each other, and enemies will pursue the convoy.

Once the vehicles are delivered, Malc will inform the players that more enemies are incoming. The eight clients must be protected for five minutes, and after this, the mission is successfully completed.

Malcom's Texts

This is it, they coming in hard.
— Shortly after getting in the vehicles.
We ain't done yet, more of em are headed your way.
— After delivering the vehicles to the destination in any of the variants.