Grype is an telecommunications application which runs on a VoIP network protocol present in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Its main website can be accessed in-game, and though it is unusable, the site details how it is bringing major phone companies down with its service. The service is claimed to be completely free (dispite its expensive requirements for running the software) and is said to be completely untraceable, which makes it "Perfect for every kind of criminal activity!"

Grype is a parody of the real-life internet calling service Skype.


Name Price Comment
Grype Software Free Future updates may cost money.
Grype Microphone $158 Cheaper version is mentioned to exist too.
Grype Headset $136 Cheaper version is mentioned to exist too.

Gripe Software Requirements

  • High speed internet connection
  • Sound card
  • Speakers
  • Grype Microphone and Headset


  • The company's name is a play on word "gripe", meaning to complain about something.
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