"A no man's land between the Vinewood Hills and the Grand Senora Desert, you won't find much in the Great Chaparral other than scrubland and the occasional dead body."
―GTA V Manual

The Great Chaparral is a landscape and hilly area located in the north of the Los Santos County, San Andreas.


It is bordered by the Grand Senora Desert, Mount Josiah, Harmony and the Zancudo River to the north, the Vinewood Hills to the south, the San Chianski Mountain Range to the east and the Tongva Valley and Lago Zancudo to the west.

The Great Chaparral is a grassy, hilly area located between the city and a desert. There are a few farms scattered throughout the region, but other than that, the Great Chaparral is mostly empty. The northern areas of the Great Chaparral are more arid and dry due to the close proximity to the Grand Senora Desert. The southern end of the Great Chaparral is much more grassy and green, with trees all throughout.

Much of the area designated as the Great Chaparral registers as the Grand Senora Desert on the in game GPS.

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Great Chaparral is based on Palmdale, California