The Grapeseed Cow Farm is located in the agricultural community of Grapeseed in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The area has no actual name in-game.


It is located between Grapeseed Avenue to the southeast and O'Neil Way to the north west with Seaview Road and Joad Lane on it southwestern edge. The O'Neil Ranch forms its northeastern border. The farm may extend over O'Neil Way into Lucky Jim's Ranch as stock can be seen roaming over the road into similar stables.

Frankie's Service Center is situated in the middle of the farm.

The cows are housed in a number of open stables, although no farmer can be seen in the barn house. The cows seen there are 2 different breeds, Holstein and Braunvieh.

A number of chickens can usually also be seen around the farm.

It is based on the Lamont cow farm.


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