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This article or section refers to content that is no longer available in
Grand Theft Auto Online

From the Great Ocean Highway to Vespucci Beach passing everything in between. This tourist trail point to point for cars or motorbikes takes in most of Southern San Andreas.
— Description

Grand Tour was the longest Rockstar Published Land Race in Grand Theft Auto Online. It was available for up to 16 players. All vehicle classes except utility were permitted. Racers would start on the highway at Paleto Cove making their way through Lago Zancudo, Sandy Shores Airfield, Harmony, Vinewood, Alta, La Mesa, Pillbox Hill and Little Seoul, before finishing at Vespucci Beach. The race was not unlocked until rank 40, the highest rank requirement of any land race in the game.

This land race is no longer available in Grand Theft Auto: Online.


Grand Tour GTAO Race Map.png