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You may be looking for Grand Theft Auto Online trailers.

This page covers all trailers released for Grand Theft Auto V.

Trailer #1

The Grand Theft Auto V Trailer was released on November 2, 2011. The song used in the trailer was "Ogden's Nut Gone Flake" by Small Faces. The trailer is narrated by Michael De Santa followed by a collection of fast-paced cinematic depicting the daily life in Los Santos, as well as several hints towards story-mode missions, activities and some of the many landmarks.


Grand Theft Auto V Trailer

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer


ESRB (May contain content inappropriate for children) screen appears.
Michael: Why did I move here? I guess it was the weather.
Small Faces - Ogden's Nut Gone Flake plays
Shot of a Vespucci Beach lifeguard hut at sunset, camera panning down, as two NPCs and a dog admire the view.
Michael: Or the...
Two male joggers run west along the Del Perro Pier as two female joggers looks back.
Michael: Ahhh I don't know. That thing.
Camera rises from palm trees to view an early morning sunrise from Vespucci Beach, looking north towards Los Santos.


Michael: That magic. You see it in the movies.
A golfer hits a golf ball as the camera transitions to a mid-day scene of the Los Santos Golf Club with a Los Santos backdrop.
Michael: I wanted to retire.
An NPC riding a Seashark underneath the Miriam Turner Overpass.
Michael: From what I was doing, you know.
Three hikers admire the uphill view of Mount Chiliad.
Michael: From that.
Franklin Clinton lowers the roof of a red Rapid GT convertible at an intersection, as an NPC crosses the road in front of them.
Michael: That...line of work. Be a good guy for once. A family man.
A view of wind turbines spinning at the RON Alternates Wind Farm as a vehicle travels along the dirt roads.


Michael: So.
Two NPCs practicing yoga on the balcony of a Vinewood Hills stilt home.
Michael: I bought a big house.
Traffic passing under a freeway gantry reading "Los Puerta Freeway".
Michael: Came here.
Sunset at the Muscle Sands Gym at the Vespucci Beach.
Michael: Put my feet up, and.
Two NPCs interacting on the sidewalk of Eclipse Boulevard.
Michael: Thought I'd be a dad, like all the other dads. My kids?
Camera facing up at a Mile High Club poster on the construction site.
Michael: They'd be like the kids on TV.
Michael looking over Los Santos from Rockford Hills.
Michael: We'd play ball...
A Duster flies low and sprays pesticide over vineyard workers in the Marlowe Vineyards.
Michael: Sit in the sun. But, well, you know how it ends.
Michael, armed and wearing a Bugstars outfit, bangs on the side of a Bugstars Burrito as two gunmen exit the rear doors before proceeding to burst open Vangelico's main doors.
Michael driving a blue Sentinel fast along Vinewood Boulevard.
A beta Up-n-Atom Trailer passes by, revealing a view of the Terminal dock cranes as seagulls fly around.
A Bodhi carrying NPCs passes under the Olympic Freeway overpass as it enters Pillbox Hill, accompanied by many homeless people lined up on the sidewalk of Alta Street.
A GoPostal Boxville drives by as an NPC hammers a for sale sign into the ground outside his home, 2405 West Mirror Drive.
A hooker leans on a Phoenix outside Liquor Ace in Sandy Shores at dusk.
A 9F Cabrio speeds through Mission Row along Vespucci Boulevard at sunset.
A homeless person holds a sign at the side of a highway as a Packer passes behind him.
A view of the homeless camps underneath the Olympic Freeway.
A Hydra flies through the skyscrapers of Downtown Los Santos.
A bouncer throws a man out of Tequi-la-la as the camera sits behind a yellow Vader in traffic at night.
Sunset of Los Santos with a Brute oil derrick in the foreground, looking from Murrieta Oil Field.
A beta Police Cruiser chases a fleeing red Rapid GT convertible as it races along Alta Street, crashing into a passing by Cognoscenti Cabrio.
A fleeing criminal is chased along an alleyway in South Los Santos by three LSPD officers as a beta Police Maverick watches from the air.
Camera rises above a burning beta Police Cruiser on the Los Santos Freeway as an Ambulance emerges behind.
A Shamal flies above the Vinewood Sign at sunset, before heading into the city. The animated Grand Theft Auto V logo fades in followed by a black fade out.

Trailer #2

The Grand Theft Auto V Trailer 2 was released on November 14, 2012. The song used in the trailer was "Skeletons" by Stevie Wonder. The trailer focuses on key characters, including all three playable protagonists, as well as various story-mode missions and several key plot moments.

The trailer was removed from Rockstar Games's official YouTube channel in April, 2018.


Stevie Wonder - Skeletons plays
ESRB (May contain content inappropriate for children) screen appears.
View of Los Santos from above the Galileo Observatory.
Michael and Amanda finishing a game of tennis at their Rockford Hills mansion.
 : (distant laughing)
Camera pans by a black 9F Cabrio in the driveway of the De Santa Residence at early evening.


Amanda: He's not staying the night, he's a bum!
Tracey and Amanda arguing in the kitchen of Michael's house.
Tracey: (interrupting) OH MY GOD!
Michael picks up a leaf from his poolside patio before laying down on a sun lounger with a drink and a cigar.


Michael: You know I've been in this game a lot of years. And I got out alive. If you want my advice, give this shit up.
A train passes underneath a busy road bridge approaching Los Santos. The animated Grand Theft Auto V logo displays.
Trucks pass by on the Senora Freeway at early sunset.
Drunk men fight outside the Yellow Jack Inn as the camera emerges from behind a Rat-Loader. A Tornado drives past.
Trevor: The guns and crank in this area go through Trevor Philips Enterprises... or they ain't going!
Trevor holds Ortega at gunpoint after having pushed his trailer into the Zancudo River.
Trevor jumps and slams a man's head against the bar inside the Yellow Jack Inn.
Trevor yelling the latter words of the continued line of speech.
Trevor driving a Dune Buggy through the Grand Senora Desert at dusk.
Trevor throws a Molotov Cocktail at the O'Neil Brothers ranch as it bursts into flames, before walking away as the building explodes.
Trevor: Argh!!
Trevor outside Liquor Ace with dead bodies behind him.
Trevor: I'll swing by and sign the contracts, all right? Just ignore the bodies!
Traffic on the Elysian Freeway Bridge at late sunset.
A train and a Bus along Roy Lowenstein Boulevard at midday.
Lamar and Franklin asking a man sat down on a beach for directions on the Del Perro Beach promenade.
Lamar: Can you tell me where Bertolt Beach House is?
(Michael pointing at the house)
Michael: That house right there, with the yellow stairs.
Franklin drives a white 9F Cabrio out of the Bertolt Beach House driveway onto the Del Perro Freeway as the owner runs out in fear. Franklin and Lamar take the two cars on a race through the city.
Tanisha shouting at Franklin at his new home in Vinewood Hills.
Tanisha: I don't care how many cars you own, you ain't changin'.
A Police Cruiser pursuing a Car carrier as a JB 700 is dismounted from the rear of the trailer.
Franklin and Lamar arguing outside the Bertolt Beach House.
Lamar: I'm gettin' my money in the hood, I'm cool.
Franklin: Cool what, slangin' dope and throwin' up gang signs?
A blue Cheetah smashes a Minivan out of the way as it races with an F620 along the Palomino Freeway.
Michael's shrink, Isiah Friedlander, talking with Michael at his beach house.
Isiah: Your son, James; he's a good kid?
Jimmy hangs onto the boom of a yacht swinging out into the road from its boat carrying trailer as it races along the La Puerta Freeway. Franklin attempts to reach out and grab him as the truck crashes into cars. Michael is tailing behind in his wife's red Sentinel. Jimmy then falls from the boom into the rear compartment of car.
Jimmy: OH MY GOD!
Jimmy and Michael sat parked in Michael's Tailgater outside Burger Shot at night.
Jimmy: Hey, let's bounce!
Michael: Bounce? We're bouncing now?
Trevor stamping on the head of a man nearby his trailer in Sandy Shores, as RON and Wade stand back and watch.
Trevor: Arrgh! Argh!
Trevor attempting to take off a red Cuban 800 from Sandy Shores Airfield as Gunmen attempt to shoot him down.
Trevor flying the red Cuban 800 through Raton Canyon and over a rail bridge at early sunset.
Explosives blow open the vault door and rear exit door of Bobcat Security storage facility in Ludendorff in 2004.
A black Felon skids along Grove Street as the passenger performs a drive-by shooting. A dog runs away.
D slides across the bonnet of a car as Chop chases him.
Michael rappels down the side of the IAA Headquarters in Downtown Los Santos
Franklin breaks open a glass cabinet with his gun in Vangelico.
A motorcycle speeds away from an explosion on the Great Ocean Highway at night.
A Crusader drives out of the back of a Cargo Plane, falling from great height above the Alamo Sea and Grand Senora Desert as Trevor bails out.
Franklin participating in an Off-road race as bikers crash along Cassidy Creek.
Trevor preparing to jump off a moving train as it collides with another on a bridge above the Raton Canyon.
Michael introducing Franklin and Trevor to each other at a warehouse in El Burro Heights, stood in front of a Frogger and a Buzzard Attack Chopper.
Michael: That's Trevor, my best friend. That's Franklin, the son I always wanted.
Franklin: Yeah, whatever...
Trevor: Jesus, your therapist has a lot to answer for.
A Vulkan fires missiles at a Police Maverick, exploding it as it flies by.
Michael, Franklin and Trevor stood in awkwardness.
Grand Theft Auto Vand Rockstar Games logos show.

Michael. Franklin. Trevor.

The Michael. Franklin. Trevor. was released on April 30, 2013. The songs used in the trailers were respectively "Radio Ga Ga" by Queen, "Hood Gone Love It" by Jay Rock, and "Are You Sure Hank Done It this Way" by Waylon Jennings. The trailer is split into three sections depicting the daily lives of Michael, Franklin and Trevor in respective order. Each of their trailers represents their lifestyle and mirrors the storyline of the game each of the characters play a vital role in.

The beginning of the YouTube video has play buttons to skip to each character. The viewer can simply skip ahead and watch all three in a row, however.


Grand Theft Auto V Michael. Franklin. Trevor.

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer


Queen - Radio Ga Ga plays
ESRB (May contain content inappropriate for children) screen appears.
Isiah: What do you want, Michael?
Joggers and cyclists on the Del Perro Beach promenade.
Michael stood up talking to his shrink, Isiah.
Michael: I don't know, I want something that isn't this.
Amanda's red Sentinel driving up the driveway of the De Santa Residence in Rockford Hills at early evening.
Michael drinking in the kitchen of his home.


Tracey: (off-screen) Dad! Jimmy called me a bitch!
Jimmy playing on his EXsorbeo games console in his room.
Michael: I want to be a good dad,
Tracey on the Dignity yacht with celebrities.
Michael: love my family,
Amanda practicing yoga in the back yard.
Michael: you know, live the dream.
Michael grabs Tracey, forcing the TV remote control out of her hands.
Michael: (grunt) Argh!
Tracey storms out of the room as Michael proceeds to watch TV.
Tracey: I hate you! (screams)
Michael and Jimmy racing to the pier on bicycles along the Vespucci Beach Sidewalk.
Jimmy arguing with Michael at the Del Perro Pier.
Jimmy: Why do I have to hold your hand through this whole mid-life crisis bullshit?!
Amanda serving the ball in a game of tennis at her home.
Michael dragging Amanda into their bedroom to find Kyle her tennis coach in nothing but underwear. Kyle runs for the balcony doors before jumping off and running away before Michael can catch him.
Michael: Come here!
Amanda: Don't kill him!
Michael in Amanda's Sentinel driving past the Vinewood Sign in Vinewood Hills.
Michael talking to his shrink.
Michael: But at the same time, I really want the other stuff too.
A Towtruck crashing into the side of a Stockade, pushing it onto its side and into a wall, before Michael plants explosives on the rear door and forcing out the rear occupants.
Michael: Stay down!!!
Michael talking to his shrink
Isiah: And you're plainly addicted to chaos.
Michael: Well I'm not sure that's true, doc.
Michael punching Simeon.
Michael throwing an NPC's laptop on the floor.
Michael drinking.
Michael hitting the ball in a game of golf at the Los Santos Golf Club, before angrily hitting the ground with his golf club.
Michael smashing Jimmy's television screen with his bedroom chair.
Michael lying down shirtless on his bed.
Michael: I'm rich, I'm miserable!
Michael talking to his shrink.
Michael: I'm pretty average for this town.
Michael and his crew bursting open the doors of Vangelico armed and masked up.
Michael collecting money during a heist.
A shootout between enemy Buzzard Attack Choppers and a Frogger.
Michael jumping through a window in the IAA Headquarters before grabbing a client and holding them hostage.
Through the scope of a sniper, sniping a target at a beach house party in Chumash as people flee.
A Jet landing at LSIA as police pursue a fleeing driver on the runways. A tailing Michael spins out of the way of a jet-blasted Police Cruiser, exploding behind him.
Isiah talking to Michael.
Isiah: I think you need a new therapist.
Grand Theft Auto V and Rockstar Games logos show.
Jay Rock - Hood Gone Love It plays
ESRB (May contain content inappropriate for children) screen appears.
People walking on Forum Drive.
Car washer washing a Buffalo S.
Franklin talking to Lamar outside his house on Forum Drive.
Franklin: So you givin' me a lecture about not being a good enough gang-banger?
Lamar: That's all we got! That's our heritage!
Franklin knocking out a Ballas member with a rifle during a deadly shootout between the GSF and the Ballas.
Franklin and Chop walking at night.


Franklin talking to Lamar.
Franklin: I thought we was trying to get out of this bullshit!
Ballas member shooting a rifle on their turf at night.
Lamar talking to Franklin.
Lamar: You soundin' more and more like a snee-i-itch everyday.
A street race at night involving a Buffalo S and a Ruiner.
Cockpit view of a Police Maverick helicopter shining its search light on a fleeing car.
Police Cruisers pursuing a red Ruiner on a busy highway at night.
Franklin looking at strippers at Vanilla Unicorn.
Franklin talking to Lamar.
Franklin: I sound like somebody trying to make some paper and not get killed.
Gangs shooting.
LSPD chasing a gang member in an alleyway at night.
Lamar talking to Franklin.
Lamar: Oh, my bad, "Mr. Goldcard."
Franklin and Lamar watching a stripper on a pole in Vanilla Unicorn.
Franklin doing wheel-spins on a Sanchez as a Police Cruiser approaches him having robbed Vangelico, before fleeing with tailing police cruisers and a Police Maverick.
Police Cruisers chasing motorcycles along the Los Santos River while a Benson crashes them out of the way.
Lamar approaching Franklin stood in his driveway.
Lamar: Hah! Gangsta' shit!
Franklin and Lamar escaping across rooftops at night as a Police Maverick's searchlight follows them.
Gang members being arrested and pinned up against a wall by LSPD behind a Police Cruiser.
Stretch, Lamar and Franklin in front of Franklin's house on Forum Drive.
Stretch: You ain't got no respect!
Franklin pulling Chop away from D.
Stretch, Lamar and Franklin in front of Franklin's house on Forum Drive.
Franklin: I got respect for reality!
Franklin smashing open a Granger's window and fleeing with police chasing him.
Franklin walking up to his doorway inside his house.
Lamar: Enjoy them hoes, homie!
Franklin: Yeah, whatever...
Grand Theft Auto Vand Rockstar Games logos show.
ESRB (May contain content inappropriate for children) screen appears.
Michael: (off-screen) Did I ever tell you about Trevor?
Waylon Jennings - Are You Sure Hank Done It this Way plays
Trevor stood on a rooftop howling at a night sky's moon.
Trevor: *Wolf howl* (laughs)
Trevor urinating in the corner of a disused apartment-turned meth lab.
Tao's translator: Major drug dealer.
Drive-by view of the Sandy Shores welcome sign at midday.
Lester: Reeeeaaal hillbilly type shit.
View of Trevor's Trailer as a Sadler towing a trailer drives by.
Trevor, shirtless, emerges from the bedroom of his trailer.
Trevor: Bring me my coffee or I'm gonna cut your arm off!
Trevor hitting an NPC over the head with a bat.


Trevor driving his Bodhi in Sandy Shores.
Trevor picks up Michael as Ron stands by.
Trevor: Back in town, baby! Yeah!
Trevor and Floyd arguing outside Floyd's Vespucci apartment.
Floyd: Please, just go and ruin somebody else's home furnishings.
Trevor climbing into a yellow Duster bi-plane and flying over the Zancudo River during early morning.
Trevor strangling Nigel as Mrs. Thornhill hits him over the head with her bag.
Trevor: I'm new in town and making friends, all right...
Trevor crashes together two crocodile clips to produce a spark in front of his torture victim.
Trevor, Franklin and Michael.
Trevor: A lot of friends, I mean, things could get really messy!
Trevor punching people.
Amanda talking to Michael in the lounge.
Amanda: Just keep him away from me and the children!
Trevor talking to Amanda in the kitchen.
Trevor: *Mocking voice*... Nice new tits by the way!
Trevor climbing onto a bridge in his underwear and shoes.
Michael: (off-screen) What is wrong with you?
Trevor shoots a Rebel, exploding it, at Stab City.
Trevor walking away from burning bodies holding a Jerry can.
Trevor talking to Michael
Trevor: Abandonment issues, I see a shrink once a week.
Trevor sat on the wing of a moving Cuban 800, shooting enemies, before jumping off.
Trevor talking to Michael
Trevor: Pew, you'll get shot, amigo!
A Police Maverick flies overhead into Pillbox Hill.
Trevor pushes a pilot out of hovering Police Maverick.
Trevor: Get out!
Trevor drives a Premier into an oncoming train.
Trevor at Floyd's apartment.
Trevor: Floyd! Massage!
Floyd: Oh, uh, n-n-no, I really don't...
Trevor: Do you want me to get my dick out again?
Grand Theft Auto Vand Rockstar Games logos show.

Official Gameplay Video

The Grand Theft Auto V: Official Gameplay Video was released on July 9, 2013. The trailer is narrated by an out-of-game narrator and showcases the game using all in-game gameplay footage, including multiple missions, many of the game's activities and features, and a hint towards GTA Online Official Gameplay Video at the end of the trailer.

The trailer uses several tracks from the Grand Theft Auto V Official Score, later featured in The Music of Grand Theft Auto V official album.


Grand Theft Auto V Official Gameplay Video

Grand Theft Auto V: Official Gameplay Video


Tangerine Dream, Woody Jackson, Oh No, The Alchemist and DJ Shadow - North Yankton Memories plays

PEGI (18) rating information appears

The Los Santos skyline during early sunrise.
An aerial view of a Frogger lifting off the Maze Bank Tower helipad and flying over Los Santos.
Narrator: With Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar have tried to re-imagine the open world game in a number of ways
The player deep-sea diving past a cargo ship wreck underwater.
The Lost MC motorcyclists racing through Stab City during the day.
A Luxor flies by, low above the surface of the Land Act Reservoir, before flying above the Land Act Dam towards Los Santos.
Narrator: The game world is beautiful, massive and diverse.
A Jetmax sailing by in the Pacific Ocean, looking towards the Cassidy Creek Bridge.
Narrator: A sprawling, satirical re-imagining of modern Southern California.
Downtown Los Santos traffic during night. A Taxi passes by. The Hookah Palace billboards and the Mile High Club are in view.
A jogger jogging across a footbridge in the Vespucci Canals at sunrise. A boat passes under.
Aerial view of Mount Chiliad and Paleto Bay.
Narrator: Covering mountains and oceans.
Michael walking up to the Ponsonbys store on Portola Drive.
Narrator: Expensive stores and strip malls.
Trevor driving his Bodhi along Route 68, looking towards Harmony Plaza.
The homeless camp underneath the Olympic Freeway.
Narrator: Urban decay, and untouched wilderness.
Two deer grazing in Lago Zancudo.
View of the Vespucci Beach looking towards Los Santos. A Lifeguard Seashark flies by.
Narrator: Beaches and backwoods
Two quadbikers on the dirt trails down Raton Canyon along the Cassidy Creek.
A view of Raton Canyon with the Calafia Train Bridge in sight.
Narrator: The sublime, and the ridiculous.
Impotent Rage fighting the Republican Space Rangers commander on the Vinewood Walk of Fame outside the Oriental Theater.
Businessmen walking past in the FIB Headquarters/IAA Headquarters plaza.
Narrator: Greed, and hypocrisy.
Simeon Yetarian talking to Franklin in his office.
Simeon: You tell me exactly what you want, and I will very carefully explain to you why it cannot be.
Franklin, stood confused.
Franklin: What?
An introduction to the world of
Tangerine Dream, Woody Jackson, Oh No, The Alchemist and DJ Shadow - A Haze of Patriotic Fervor plays
Franklin, Michael, Trevor and Floyd inside Floyd's Apartment.
Franklin: So what we doin' here?
Trevor stands up, looking at the heist plan on the wall.
Trevor: We're working, amigo.
Trevor, Michael and Franklin stood on the roof of a warehouse in Cypress Flats during the events of Blitz Play. A Police Cruiser explodes in the distance.
Narrator: For the first time, the game features not one, but three would-be heroes.
Trevor, Michael and Franklin stood on the roof of a warehouse in Cypress Flats during the events of Blitz Play.
Trevor: So, now what?
Michael sat watching TV in his home with a bowl of popcorn.
Narrator: Michael, a once successful bank robber, and now less successful family man.
Tracey: (off-screen) Jimmy called me a bitch!
Michael, Jimmy, Amanda and Tracey arguing in the kitchen.
Jimmy: You know, you're a real asshole.
Michael, Jimmy, Amanda and Tracey arguing in the kitchen.
Michael: What did you just say to me?!
Michael, Jimmy, Amanda and Tracey arguing in the kitchen.
Amanda: Stop it! You're ruining my yoga!
Franklin walking with Chop past Families members on BMXs.
Narrator: Franklin, a humble street hustler convinced he's surrounded by morons.
Franklin confronting Lamar Davis.
Franklin: You can't repo the assets of a dead man, "big sitting chief asshole"!
Trevor, frantically trying to flush a foot down the toilet inside his trailer.
Narrator: And then there's Trevor.
Trevor: Fuck! ...Ahhh!
Narrator: The less said about him, the better.
A Frogger flying between skyscrapers in Downtown Los Santos. Michael climbs out of the helicopter before rappelling down the side of the IAA Headquarters.
Narrator: Introducing three lead characters, transforms both the narrative into one interwoven story and the structure of individual missions.
Michael swings into a window of the building, smashing threw it before putting a gun to Mr. K's head.
Narrator: Players can cut between vantage points.
Michael holding the gun to Mr. K's head.
Michael: Yeah, I could use a little backup here.
The player using the player switch feature, switching to Franklin.
Narrator: And from one high octane moment to the other.
Franklin on top of the Arcadius Business Center, aiming a sniper towards the office and taking out IAA members.
Franklin: I got you.
Sniping IAA members.
IAA Member: He's got support!
Switching back to Michael.
Michael preparing to lift.
Michael: Get us outta' here!
Trevor inside the helicopter.
Trevor: Roger that!
Michael holding Mr. K upon ascent back to the helicopter.
Narrator: This helps to give missions new levels of diversity and intensity.
Michael shooting down tailing enemy helicopters.
A car explodes as the helicopter flies away.
Franklin walking out of Smoke on the Water while inhaling marijuana.
Franklin: Damn!
Tangerine Dream, Woody Jackson, Oh No, The Alchemist and DJ Shadow - Rich Man's Plaything plays
The player preparing to switch characters to Michael.
Narrator: When not on a mission, the use of three lead characters also allow for a touch of voyeurism.
A player switch scene as the camera pans down onto Michael's home.
Narrator: As you can drop in at any moment and find out what your new friends have been up to as they go about their days.
Michael and Jimmy putting down their bicycles in the driveway.
Jimmy: Jeez pop, too much more of that and maybe I won't be dead by 35!
The player preparing to switch characters to Trevor.
A player switch scene as the camera pans down onto Trevor in his truck.
Trevor being pursued by many LSSD units in Harmony.
Trevor: Hey officer, give it up, this is getting way outta' hand!
Police cars chasing Trevor in his Bodhi.
Narrator: The world is not only huge, it's packed with a vast array of things to see and do.
Franklin and Jimmy racing in Amanda's Sentinel down Vinewood Boulevard.
Customizing a car in Los Santos Customs.
Narrator: Cars to customize.
Cuban 800 flying above the Raton Canyon Bridge as a train crosses over.
Narrator: Planes to fly.
Franklin trying on clothes at Suburban.
Narrator: Clothes to buy.
Michael playing golf at the Los Santos Golf Club.
Narrator: Sports to play.
An NPC practicing yoga at the top of a mountain.
Narrator: Nirvana's to pursue
Michael diving into the ocean from a Dinghy.
Narrator: Oceans to dive.
Trevor stepping out of a RV with hunting gear on, preparing to hunt a deer.
Narrator: Animals to spot, hunt, or be hunted by,
Franklin ignoring a preacher.
Narrator: Freaks to watch, meet, and befriend.
Griff: Now get the hell outta' here!
Trevor pushing a bounty into Maude's trailer.
Narrator: Bounties to hunt...
Ralph: No no! No!
Trevor talking to Maude.
Maude: How have you been?
Trevor talking to Maude.
Trevor: Oh, simply wonderful, and you?
Maude: Somewhere stuck between joyful and peachy.
Franklin shooting gang members at the Paleto Forest Sawmill.
Narrator: There's also been a huge focus on mechanics in the game, to make every aspect as fun and fluid as it is broad.
Driving a 9F Cabrio at high speed at night, followed by Trevor practisig in the gun range.
Narrator: Everything from driving and shooting...
Michael playing tennis, followed by riding a bicycle in a triathlon, and parachuting from Mount Chiliad.
Narrator: To tennis and bike riding, feels fun and responsive.
Parachuting from Mount Chiliad towards Paleto Bay.
Narrator: However, alongside all of this leisure, people also have to take care of business.
Tangerine Dream, Woody Jackson, Oh No, The Alchemist and DJ Shadow - The Grip plays
Franklin, Michael and Trevor at Covington in El Burro Heights.
Narrator: For all their pretensions, these men are dangerous thieves.
Michael talking to Trevor and Franklin.
Michael: So it's an industrial area, right? So I'm thinking vehicles...
The Stockade blocked by the Trashmaster.
Michael: trash truck to block.
The Towtruck ramming into the Stockade.
Michael: tow truck to sack 'em.
The Stockade crashing into the wall.
Narrator: To survive, they have to setup and pull off a series of increasingly audacious heists.
Trevor, Michael and Lester in a disused apartment in Sandy Shores, planning a heist.
Lester: Gentlemen, some plans for your attention.
The heist planning board.
Narrator: The player sets these up for themselves and decides how to execute them and with whom.
Gas leaking into Vangelico through air vents.
Lester: There's two ways I see of doing this.
Store shoppers and attendants pass out, as the crew move in.
Lester: We go in smart...
Michael: (whispering) Let's go.
The crew bust out of the van and burst into the store.
Lester: Or we go in loud and dumb.
Michael: Let's go!
The crew pointing their weapons at store shoppers.
Michael: Now ladies and gentlemen, this is your moment! Please don't make me ruin all the great work your plastic surgeons have been doing!
Michael collecting cash.
Narrator: After the take is divided, you decide what to spend your money on.
Trevor in a tattoo store, followed by Franklin chasing an Entity XF and Cheetah on the highway.
Narrator: Anything from sensible investments, like tattoos and fast cars....
On the Bawsaq and Dynasty 8 websites.
Narrator: To risky ventures like stocks or Los Santos real estate.
A Grand Theft Auto Online player inside an apartment, viewing outside as other players explore the world, and a P-996 LAZER flies by.
Narrator: And then there's Grand Theft Auto Online, which we will show you properly soon.
The Grand Theft Auto V and Rockstar Games logos and trademark agreements show.

Grand Theft Auto Online: Official Gameplay Video


Narrator: With Grand Theft Auto Online, Rockstar Games is looking to bring the heart of the Grand Theft Auto experience to a living online world with multiple players. Just what you choose to do in that world, is up to you. The game combines a consistent and continuingly expanding world, full of personalities.

Lester: Welcome to paradise, heh. Well that was awkward.

Narrator: With a wide array of redesigned mechanics, and a huge range of both structured, and unstructured activities for you to do. After you fly into Los Santos, you're introduced to the world and its many opportunities for earning and spending money.

Lamar: You need to better represent-ate yourself, you know what I'm talking about?

Narrator: Having fun, and getting into trouble. You can run around on your own making friends, and enemies. or band together and form a crew. Then tackle a heist, rob a liquor store, or compete in classic online modes. Or do much more besides. Complete any job, and you'll make money and earn reputation. Then you can spend peddy cash customizing your character, their outfits, weapon of choice, or favorite vehicle. As you make some real money, maybe you can buy an apartment, so friends can stop by and hang out, or buy a garage. Fill it with custom vehicles, and then take them racing by land, air, and sea. Or simply cruise around showing off. Everything you do helps you progress through the world. Introducing you to new characters.

Gerald: Now keep your mouth shut about me, you hear?

Narrator: New missions, rewards, and almost limitless opportunities. Rockstar will be constantly developing more content for you to enjoy. But you'll also be able to design your own races, and death matches using the content creator. Then you can share them with friends, and the world. Or try ones that other people have made. Grand Theft Auto Online brings the freedom of the Grand Theft Auto experience. To multiple players, in a dynamic shared world.

Official Trailer

The Official Trailer for Grand Theft Auto V was released on Aug. 29, 2013. The song used in the trailer was "Sleepwalking" by The Chain Gang of 1974.


Michael: A few weeks ago I was happily sulking by my swimming pool...

Michael: What do you want?

Franklin: Just came by to see if there's something I can help you with.

Michael: I'm retired.

Michael: And my psychotic best friend shows up out of nowhere...

Trevor: *bangs head* Nobody tells me what I want!

Michael: ...To torture me over mistakes I made over a decade ago.

Lester: You back in the game?

Michael: I guess.

Trevor: Yes! Woo! Welcome back, man!

Michael: We're all professionals, we all know the score.

Lamar: This is legit business.

Franklin: 401Ks, tax returns, and all.

Michael: We're gonna move quick and we`re gonna keep cool.

Trevor: My job, my score! Get your own!

Amanda: You are alone, you pathetic psychopath.

Lester: Suppose the group hug's out of the question?

Narrator: Grand Theft Auto V, coming September 17th, rated "M" for mature. (American version only)

Xbox 360 TV Spot

The official Xbox 360 TV Spot for Grand Theft Auto V. The song that played in the trailer was "I Can't Wait" by Stevie Nicks.


Trevor Philips: The big one.

Michael De Santa: The big one.

Crew: THE BIG ONE!!!

Trevor: One. Last. Score.

Franklin Clinton: If it works for me, it works for you, babe!

Michael: I've got more to lose than you!

Trevor: Yeah, well, I got nothin'!

Franklin: So what now?

Trevor: Let's hug it out!

Narrator: Grand Theft Auto V. Out now. Rated "M" for Mature." (American version only)

PC and Next-Gen Trailer

The PC and Next-Gen trailer for Grand Theft Auto V was released on June 10, 2014. The song being played is Baardsen Remix of "From Nowhere" by Dan Croll.


Time Analysis
0:00-0:05 ESRB (May contain content inappropriate for children) screen appears.
0:06-0:08 A view of eastern San Andreas' coastline, with the tide seen splashing against the cliffs.
0:09-0:11 Two deer, a buck and a doe seen grazing in the grass while a cougar hides behind a tree waiting to attack.
0:11-0:13 An underwater view of the Pacific Ocean showing a small school of hammerhead sharks swimming around.
0:14-0:17 Two cougars running along a dirt pathway on Mount Gordo before stopping near the edge.
0:17-0:19 A train passing through Paleto Forest.
0:19-0:20 The same train passing near the Paleto Forest Sawmill.
0:21-0:22 A construction worker nearly gets run over by a Dump.
0:23-0:24 Two construction workers looking out over Davis Quartz.
0:24-0:25 A long shot view of the Palmer-Taylor Power Station with several construction workers seen inside the station.
0:25-0:27 A billboard next to the Senora Freeway. The American flag is on the billboard's background and the billboard reads "AMERICA IS FOR AMERICANS PERIOD." with an official badge of the LS Civil Border Control located on the bottom right of the billboard.
0:27-0:28 Trevor Philips, shirtless and stumbling, waking up in a meadow.
0:29-0:30 Trevor standing up on top of Mount Gordo with Mount Chiliad in the background. A Bigfoot-like creature appears to be standing near the edge.
0:30-0:32 Overview of Sandy Shores near Trevor's trailer, with Trevor's red Bodhi in the foreground.
0:33-0:35 A long line of traffic on the Los Santos Freeway at night.
0:36-0:46 A Phantom towing a RON oil tanker into a rainy Port of Los Santos.
0:38-0:40 A view of the docks looking out towards Downtown Los Santos at sunset.
0:40-0:41 Some hobos standing next to a burning barrel.
0:42-0:43 The angle of the hobos change and an Interceptor speeds past with its sirens on.
0:44-0:47 A daybreak shot of Forum Drive across from Franklin's house showing a Blimp in the sky. The angle changes to Franklin polishing his Buffalo, Tonya can be seen across the street while a cat is jumping off a wall in the background.
0:48-0:49 Franklin walking with Chop through a crowd of Families gangsters at night.

A shot of Del Perro Pier at night

0:52 A dusk shot at the back of Michael's mansion with a shadow floating across.
0:52-0:55 Michael attempting yoga and falling over.
0:55-0:59 Night time shot of Michael entering a parked Felon GT.
1:00-1:01 Michael being chased by an LSPD Police Maverick and an FIB Granger.
1:01-1:06 A late evening shot of Mirror Park/East Vinewood looking towards South Los Santos,
1:06-1:17 The Grand Theft Auto V logo appears, the screen blacks out saying Grand Theft Auto V, Coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One & PC, Fall 2014 Pre-Order Now.

“A Picket Fence and a Dog Named Skip” PC and Next-Gen Trailer

The A Picket Fence and a Dog Named Skip trailer was released on September 12, 2014.


Solomon: Welcome to show business. Nothing but make-believe will ever feel quite real again.

Peter: It's tragedy. Pathos. Tedium. I'm bored.

Isiah: Think about the person you'd like to be and really obsess about it.

Barry: The paranoia... and weirdness... But I do get concerned about the monsters.

Maude: I want a picket fence and a husband, and a dog named Skip.

Trevor: You do?

Maude: Kinda.

Altruist Cult Leader: Make him pure!

Franklin: Good to see you, dog!

Beverly: We'll continue the search for the truth!

Nigel & Mrs. Thornhill: We're not worthy...

Fabien: Back into my pelvis.

Mrs. Thornhill: Celebs, they're not like you or me.


Time Analysis

ESRB (This game is anticipated to be mature) screen appears.


A shot of the Vinewood Boulevard on a rainy night.

Solomon: Nothing but make-believe...


Solomon Richards speaking to Michael De Santa .

Solomon: ... will ever feel quite real again.


Solomon and Michael touching glasses and laughing.


A mime performing in Vespucci Beach.


Peter Dreyfuss speaking to Franklin Clinton during A Starlet in Vinewood.

0:15-0:16 A shot of Harmony and Larry's RV Sales.

Griff is standing in front of the store as a dog walks by.


Michael leaving therapy as Isiah gives him advice.

0:19-0:20 A bodybuilder flexing on Vespucci Beach.
0:20-0:21 Michael driving a Speedophile 2000 while Tracey sits in the back, referring to the mission Daddy's Little Girl.

A drunken Trevor stumbling to a female beachgoer on Pleasure Pier.


Barry speaking to Michael on Legion Square during Grass Roots - Michael.

0:26-0:27 A shot of Michael being examined by aliens after being abducted, referring to the mission Did Somebody Say Yoga?
0:27-0:28 Graham the Vinewood Zombie roaring at the camera.
0:28-0:29 Franklin taking part in the Vespucci Triathlon.

An orca swimming in the Pacific Ocean.


Trevor with a scopeless Sniper Rifle hiding behind a Pharte Gas-branded Declasse Burrito on the O'Neil Ranch, referring to the mission Crystal Maze.

0:32-0:33 A redneck screaming at the sun in Sandy Shores.

Maude Eccles speaking to Trevor Philips in the ending cutscene of Bail Bond.

0:38-0:39 A quick shot of a race taking place near the RON Alternates Wind Farm.

Cletus Ewing drawing a shotgun.


The Altruist Cult leader ordering his men to attack Trevor in a Random Event.

0:41-0:42 Carbine Rifle-wielding clowns dancing and laughing after appearing out of a stack of purple smoke, referring to the mission Grass Roots - Trevor.
0:43 A bike race taking place along Vespucci Beach.
0:43-0:44 A man dressed as Commander from Republican Space Rangers entertaining a crowd in front of the Oriental Theater.

Franklin fist-bumping a dog.

Franklin: Good to see you, dog!

0:47 A chimp screaming at the camera, referring to the mission Did Somebody Say Yoga?
0:48 A Submersible heading to a sunken ship.

Beverly Felton speaking to Franklin Clinton during the final cutscene of Paparazzo.

0:50 Omega launching a UFO model to fly.
0:51 An UFO emanating a beam of light.
0:52 A Space Docker drifting in Grand Senora Desert.
0:53-0:54 Rickie Lukens playing air guitar in the Lifeinvader office while Michael is using his computer, referring to the mission Friend Request.

Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill kneeling in front of Trevor Philips during the mission Vinewood Souvenirs - Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill.

0:57 Pamela Drake standing on the corner of Vinewood Boulevard and Power Street.

Fabien LaRouche ordering Amanda De Santa to do the "Downward Dog" pose in front of Michael during the mission Did Somebody Say Yoga?.

0:59-1:01 Michael falling through the sky of Los Santos during a bad trip, referring to the mission Did Somebody Say Yoga?.

Mrs. Thornhill speaking to Trevor Philips during the mission Vinewood Souvenirs - Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill.

1:03-1:04 Michael continues to fall through the sky, once again referring to the mission Did Somebody Say Yoga?.
1:05 The screen blacks out saying "Grand Theft Auto V, Coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One November 18. Also coming to PC. Pre-order now."

First Person Experience Trailer

The "First Person Experience" trailer was released on November 4, 2014.


Time Analysis
0:00-0:05 ESRB (May contain content inappropriate for children) screen appears.
0:06-0:13 Grand Theft Auto V logo appears, followed by the phrase "Experience Grand Theft Auto in First Person".
0:14-0:17 Trevor is shown taking a photo of a performer playing as the Commander from the Republican Space Rangers.
0:18-0:46 Michael has a 4-star wanted level, enters a Felon GT, then drives away from the cops on Lake Vinewood Drive. Along the way, an Interceptor passes by & various Sheriff Cruisers are seen stationary. 2 FIB Grangers pass by with 4 NOOSE members hanging off now instead of 2 & police lights off.
0:47-0:59 Trevor is flying a Frogger during The Big Score (Obvious approach). His shooting & stealth stats are seen being increased to 100. Lester fires a rocket at the 2 Buzzards & successfully takes them down.
1:00-1:11 Franklin is now on Grove Street, shooting Ballas gang members, during the mission Hood Safari. He is seen firing an SMG with no attachments equipped. Franklin then throws a Grenade at the Felon. He quickly switches his weapon to the Carbine Rifle with the suppressor, scope, extended clip, grip & flashlight attachments and kills the Ballas members who get out of the cars. The cars then explode.
1:12-1:29 Trevor is now taking off in a Cuban 800 from Sandy Shores Airfield, during the mission Nervous Ron. Ron informs Trevor that there's a biker hanging off the right wing. Trevor is aware of it & proceeds to get him off.
1:30-1:39 Michael is now in Los Santos International Airport, chasing Molly Schultz in a grey Surano during the mission Legal Trouble. Along the way, he fires a few rounds with his Micro-SMG, one of the Interceptors crashes into the RON tanker trailer pulled by a Packer, which then explodes.
1:40-1:46 Trevor is driving a Sanchez dirtbike chasing a Shamal during the mission Caida Libre. He jumps over a moving train.
1:47-2:02 Michael is sneaking into the Humane Labs and Research laboratory during the mission Monkey Business. Dave Norton threatens the scientist to raise his hands against the wall. Michael then fires a Stun Gun at the scientist. Dave then threatens the security guard to drop the weapon. Steve Haines also threatens the guard. The security guard drops his weapon & Michael fires his stun gun.
2:03-2:25 Franklin has a 4-star wanted level. He has just fired a rocket from the Rocket Launcher. Franklin enters the Thrust motorcycle & speeds off. He races down Bay City Avenue, narrowly avoiding vehicles such as the FIB Granger, the Fugitive, the Peyote, the second gen Oracle, a roadblock formed by 2 Interceptors, an Alpha, a Dukes, a Stallion, an FQ2, the Seminole, before finally nearly colliding with another FIB Granger.
2:26-2:52 Trevor is in Fort Zancudo. He enters a P-996 Lazer, & takes off, but not before destroying a Titan with the built-in machine gun. He flies around the base before he destroys a Cargobob.
2:53-3:03 The screen blacks out saying "Grand Theft Auto V, Coming to Playstation 4 and Xbox One November 18." Then a black & white Rockstar Games logo is shown before the video ends.

Launch Trailer

The Grand Theft Auto V Launch trailer was released on Monday, November 10, 2014, just under a week before the release on PS4 and Xbox One. The song featured in the trailer is Let's Go All the Way by Sly Fox.


Devin: Hey, Slick, it's me!

Devin: I'm a Darwinist, brother, alright? Some prosper...

Solomon: Enjoy the picture, everyone!

Devin: ...And some struggle.

Wade: I thought you said you wasn't gonna hit me?

Rocco: We had a deal! We had paperwork!

Amanda: Un, deux, trois.

Trevor: My daddy was not nice to me!

Devin: Life is just one long mystery. Boom!

Announcer: Grand Theft Auto V. Coming November 18th on PlayStation 4 & Xbox One. Rated M for Mature. (American version only)

60 Frames-Per-Second PC Trailer

The 60 Frames-Per-Second PC Trailer for Grand Theft Auto V was released on April 2, 2015. The song being played is "Lock and Load" by MNDR featuring Killer Mike.



Expanded and Enhanced

The teaser trailer for the Expanded and Enhanced editions of Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online (for PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X) was released on June 11, 2020. The song being played is "Haboglabotribin" by Bernard Wright.


Grand Theft Auto V - Coming to New Generation Consoles

Expanded & Enhanced Official Trailer

The official trailer for the Expanded and Enhanced editions of Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online (for PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X) was released on September 9, 2021.


  • From Trailer #1:
    • There is an easter egg at the scene right after the GoPostal Boxville van drives past the screen. There is a sidewalk with the street number 2405, which is a reference to the birthdate of Sam Houser, President of Rockstar Games.
    • At 1:05, A Police Car has the registration number OCT 25 on its front. This is a possible easter egg on the date of the announcement of the trailer. Before the Spring 2013 release announcement was made, many people believed it to be an easter egg for a release date of the game, as all GTA games (except GTA IV because of delay, and DLCs) have been released in October.
    • The lines and dialogue that Michael says may be a reference to Michael's voice actor Ned Luke, as he was beginning to retire from acting before he started working on GTA V.
  • Franklin's Trailer is the only one that doesn't feature Trevor.
  • In the Official Trailer, at approximately 0:18, when Trevor fires his shotgun at the security camera, it seems that the slugs goes straight through the camera and hits the wall. This is most likely a glitch.
  • In the First Person Experience Trailer can be seen that the player is being chased by FIB Granger's with sirens off and 4 NOOSE officers hanging of the side. This is never seen during normal game-play or any missions.
  • The 60fps PC Trailer is the only trailer that Rockstar didn't officially upload to their YouTube official account, instead to their own Website.
    • This may have been due to YouTube's inability to make 60fps format to medium resolution (360p or 480p), while the Rockstar Website can.