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This article refers to the official score of Grand Theft Auto Online. Some of the original Contact mission scores may appear in Volume 2 of The Music of Grand Theft Auto V.
For the 10th anniversary remixes by Dâm-Funk, see Dâm-Funk Presents The Music of Grand Theft Auto Online Original Score.

Disambiguous article for all soundtracks in Grand Theft Auto Online.


With the continuous release of content updates for Grand Theft Auto Online, Grand Theft Auto V's Score tracks are no longer in the most recent updates. GTA Online sees the addition of other genres, such as electronic pop, rap and trap. After the Heists update, Tangerine Dream are no longer working with Rockstar Games in producing soundtracks for GTA Online, due to the departure of Edgar Froese, who passed away shortly before the release of the Heists Update. The Freemode Events Update releases several unused Tangerine Dream tracks.

Contact Missions
Job Countdown

The job countdown plays at the end of multiplayer modes of GTA Online, such as Deathmatches, Races and Last Team Standing jobs. In the files, both a 30 second and a 60 second version exist.

Flight School Missions

Background theme/soundtrack for Flight School missions in Grand Theft Auto Online and Grand Theft Auto V.

Gang Attacks

Soundtracks for Gang Attacks in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Heists Soundtracks

Exclusively introduced into the Heists update for Grand Theft Auto Online, soundtracks followed on the same role as normal mission soundtracks, and play randomly during heists or heist setups. Note that variations of similar songs appear, just like the soundtracks in GTA Online missions. The music becomes more intense as certain objectives are completed or certain tasks are performed, for example, after firing weaponry at Merryweather Units in Pacific Standard - Convoy, a drum beat and heavier rhythm will be introduced into the soundtrack.

So far, there are 8 Heist Soundtracks in GTA Online. Any track can play in any heist at any appropriate moment, however, some appear in heists more common than others.

One soundtrack can be found in the game files, but is not featured in any of the final heist setups or finale missions.

Alternate variants of several heist tracks were used during Rockstar Games Livestreams. These use different stems and are notably different in length and instruments used.

Freemode Events

All soundtracks playing during Freemode Events in Grand Theft Auto Online. These were added as part of the Freemode Events Update for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC versions of the game.


Added as part of the Lowriders update for Grand Theft Auto Online for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. These new soundtracks play during the featured lowrider missions. More were subsequently added as part of the Lowriders: Custom Classics update.

Further Adventure in Finance and Felony

As part of the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update, numerous mission soundtracks were added, which play during the Adversary Mode "Power Play". Like other mission themes, these intensify as the mission/work progresses.

Also playing are Wanted level soundtracks which play during VIP Work and VIP Challenges.

A new mini-game was added, named "Don't Cross the Line", which also features a new soundtrack during gameplay. Executive soundtracks were composed by James Curd.


New soundtracks play during Bikers missions in GTA Online.

Added with the inclusion of the new Adversary Modes for the Bikers update, numerous new soundtracks play. Deadline soundtracks were composed by James Curd.


New soundtracks were added with the Import/Export update for GTA Online. These play when sourcing or selling a vehicle and for the Special Vehicle missions. Like other mission themes, the songs intensify or de-intensify as the mission/work progresses.

Import/Export soundtracks were composed by Take A Daytrip.


New soundtracks were added with the Gunrunning update for GTA Online. These play when sourcing or selling Supplies and for Mobile Operations. Like other mission themes, the songs intensify or de-intensify as the mission/work progresses.

Gunrunning soundtracks were composed by Oh No.

Smuggler's Run

New soundtracks were added with the Smuggler's Run for GTA Online. These play when sourcing or selling Air Freight Cargo and during Adversary Modes Motor Wars, Bombushka Run and Stockpile. Like other mission themes, the songs intensify or de-intensify as the mission/work progresses.

Smuggler's Run soundtracks were composed by Oh No.

The Doomsday Heist

New soundtracks were added with the Doomsday Heist update. These soundtracks will play during The Doomsday Heist series. Some of the stems are remixes from the original Heists update soundtrack.

There are also several Adversary Mode soundtracks yet to be used.

Doomsday Heists soundtracks were composed by Oh No.

Other Soundtracks[]

Loading Theme

This track is heard when loading the game at any point. Depending on how long the game takes to load (further depending on the platform), the soundtrack has different parts. The loading theme used was created by Tangerine Dream, named "Mona Da Vinci", from 2011.

Flying Theme

When flying in a vehicle without the radio on (but the music volume on full), eventually a flying theme will play. It will become more and more intense as the player flies around. It begins to fade once the player nears the ground, or fully lands. This soundtrack was originally from GTA V's Official Score and plays in both GTA Online and GTA V. Land vehicles which can fly, such as the Deluxo and Oppressor, do not activate this soundtrack.

Wanted Level Soundtrack[]

Once the player gains 3 stars or more, a Wanted Level Soundtrack will begin to play. The soundtracks can only be heard on foot, or in a vehicle when the radio is turned off.


At 3 stars, the soundtracks will remain low pace, "calm" and a small beat will be heard. The soundtrack usually introduces itself with a small rhythm or a high pitched noise, in most cases, this will lead to a long, slow, low-intensity beat.

At 4 stars, the soundtrack will change its pace. A strong beat will be introduced, or if there already was one, it will become more intense and notable. High pitched, long electronic sound effects found on 3 stars usually fade away, to make the beat stand out.

At 5 stars, the soundtrack is at its most intense beast. Not much of a notable difference can be heard between the 4th and 5th star; in most cases, it takes several seconds to hear a notable difference in pace. Small, quick rhythms will become notable, and the beat of drums will vary.

After 5 stars, a section known as the "Cooldown Zone" occurs. This happens when the player begins to lose the police. In simpler form, it reduces its pace, rhythm and returns back to its 3 star form. It will become much more intense and quiet, and if the player goes underground, for example, in the subways with a 5 star wanted level, the sound is echoed more for effect, adding a "tip-toe" noise effect. Once the stars are lost, a "whisper"-style whistle will occur, and the soundtrack will end.

Some of the following tracks are exclusive to the player's location. For example, some may only play in Los Santos, and some may only play in Blaine County.


Original version release

So far, in the original release of GTA Online and GTA V, there are 11 wanted level themes.

Enhanced Version exclusives

Several exclusive soundtracks were added in the enhanced release (XB1/PS4/PC) of GTA Online and GTA V. Some of these are new, or are adaptions of the original scores. So far, there are 13 wanted level themes.

Track Names[]

This lists the in-game file names and soundtrack titles of the soundtracks featured in Grand Theft Auto V.

By BA/Metz[1][]

  • Debunked
  • Love Eggs
  • T-Boner

By The Alchemist and Oh No[]

  • Agent
  • Car Steal 1 Chips
  • Chop Fred Halen
  • Cock Song
  • Eye In The Sky Cars 2
  • Funk Jam
  • Funk Jam Arm 2
  • Gun Novel
  • PB1
  • PB2 Pussyface
  • Vodka
  • Wavery

By Tangerine Dream[]

  • Beyond
  • Burning Bar
  • City
  • Dark Robbery
  • Diamond Diary Fake
  • Dr. Destructo Fake
  • Dragoner
  • Greyhound
  • Scrap Yard
  • Streets of Fortune
  • Torture
  • Tought Sea Race
  • Universal
  • Vacuum

By Woody Jackson[]

  • Crocodile Tears
  • Meaty
  • Mission Seven
  • Nine Blurt
  • RH Bulldozer
  • Sapstick
  • Silver Pussy
  • Sticky Vicky
  • Track 8
  • Vinegar Tits

Added in the High Life Update[]

  • CHU
  • DEF
  • ELC
  • PB2

Added in the Enhanced Version[]

By Tangerine Dream and Woody Jackson

  • RG10
  • RG15

Added in the Heists update[]

By Tangerine Dream and Woody Jackson

  • MP Heist Track 1
  • MP Heist Track 2
  • MP Heist Track 3
  • MP Heist Track 4
  • MP Heist Track 5
  • MP Heist Track 7
  • MP Heist Track 8
  • TKB[2]

Added in the Freemode Events Update[]

  • Cars
  • Fresh Mode
  • Plus One
  • Sudden Death
  • Univ

Added in the Lowriders update[]

By The Alchemist, Oh No and Woody Jackson

  • Halloween 2015
  • FJ10
  • FJ11
  • FJ17
  • FJ20
  • GTAV7
  • GTAV62
  • Low 11
  • Low 12
  • Low 13
  • Mission 8
  • Supa 18

Added in the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update[]

By James Curd

  • Bespoke Broke
  • Car Steal
  • Cliff 12
  • Cliff 18
  • Get on the Move
  • Who Called the Popo?
  • Psychopath
  • Red Square
  • Arc Mac Music[3]
  • Car Steal

Added in the Bikers update[]

By James Curd and Holy Fuck[4]

  • Buffalo
  • Driving[5]
  • Eyes
  • Gaylord
  • Horse Rap
  • Jaguar
  • Strings
  • Take Me Back
  • Idea 1
  • Idea 3
  • Idea 5
  • Idea 7
  • Idea 8

Added in the Import/Export update[]


Grand Theft Auto Online: Import/Export - Original Gameplay Soundtrack

By Take A Daytrip

  • DB Would Love This
  • East of All
  • Eiffel Power
  • Gullywax
  • Take a Day Trip
  • Tundra

Added in the Smuggler's Run update[]

By Oh No (unconfirmed) and Show Me The Body[4]

  • Smuggler Track S1
  • Smuggler Track S2
  • Smuggler Track S3
  • Smuggler Track S4
  • Smuggler Track INF
  • Smuggler Track SMTB 1
  • Smuggler Track SMTB 3
  • Smuggler Track SMTB 4
  • Smuggler Track SMTB 5

Added in The Doomsday Heist update[]

By Oh No (unconfirmed)

  • CMH Heist 1 (+ Alt PrepVar 1 and 2)[6]
  • CMH Heist 2 (+ Alt PrepVar 1 and 2)
  • CMH Heist 3 (+ Alt PrepVar 1 and 2)
  • CMH Adversary Tech 6
  • CMH Adversary Tech 9
  • CMH Adversary Tech 10
  • CMH Adversary Tech 11

Added in the Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series update[]

Currently the composer for these tracks is unknown. These are later used as the Contracts mission themes in the Los Santos Tuners update.

  • DLC Assault Tech 1
  • DLC Assault Tech 2
  • DLC Assault Tech 6
  • DLC Assault Tech 7

Added in the Arena War update[]


GTA Online: Arena War Official Soundtrack


  • DLC AWXM2018 Theme 5 Stems
  • DLC AW Track 1
  • DLC AW Track 2
  • DLC AW Track 3
  • DLC AW Track 4
  • DLC AW Track 5
  • DLC AW Track 6
  • DLC AW Track 7
  • DLC AW Track 8

Added in The Diamond Casino Heist update[]

By Nick Hook[4]

Added in The Cayo Perico Heist update[]

By Adam Port, Rampa and &ME[4]

  • Prep Track A02
  • Prep Track A04
  • Prep Track M02
  • Prep Track M04 (Cayo Perico Infiltration Theme)
  • Prep Track R02
  • Prep Track R06
  • Fin Track A03
  • Fin Track M05
  • Fin Track R08

Added in The Contract update[]

By The Alchemist & Oh No[8] and Dâm-Funk

  • Electrocutioners
  • Mission Eight
  • No No
  • DLC Security Back Home
  • DLC Security Kill Dat
  • DLC Security Mass
  • DLC Security Space
  • DLC Security Vibed

Added in Los Santos Drug Wars update[]

By Soulwax and Nick Hook[9]

  • DLC CM2022 CC Track 2
  • DLC CM2022 CC Track 5
  • DLC CM2022 CC Track 6
  • DLC CM2022 CC Track 9
  • DLC CM2022 CC Track 11
  • Creepy Clown Track
  • Psych Track

Added in San Andreas Mercenaries update[]

By Nick Hook[9]

  • Halloween

Added in The Chop Shop update[]

By Nick Hook[9]

  • Xmas 23


  • Extra soundtracks intended to be added in the GTA Online: Import/Export update were released by Take a Daytrip themselves, naming them extras. They are named "Working", "Too Tired" and "Something Not Serious". These are available on Spotify[10] and Soundcloud[11] by the official band.
  • The Heist Trailer's soundtrack is a combined version of Tracks 1 and 5 (numbering according to the listed tracks above).
  • As of the GTA Online: Lowriders update for the enhanced version, the Triathlon Soundtrack "Tough Sea Race" will play at certain points of some Heists and Heists Setups in GTA Online:
    • Fleeca Job - Kuruma - Getaway sequence in the Kuruma. Ends after all gang members have been lost.
    • The Fleeca Job - Ditto. Ends after the Cargobob has been reached.
    • Humane Raid - Key Codes - During the shootout with the FIB members (sometimes, no music is played).
    • Humane Raid - EMP - During the infiltration of the aircraft carrier. Ends once the players have reached the main deck.
    • Humane Raid - Valkyrie - During the infiltration of the warehouse and while entering the helicopter. Ends once the helicopter takes off and all ground units have been taken down.
    • The Humane Labs Raid - During the escape sequence in the Valkyrie after picking up the ground crew. Ends after all Merryweather air units have been killed.
    • The Pacific Standard Job - During the bike escape section after exiting the tunnel. Ends after driving off the cliff and deploying the parachute.
  • Gaps in various updates' track numeration may suggest that more compositions were initially created for said updates but only some of them remained in the final game.
  • Back in 2013, the game only reused GTA V's Official Score, and there was no Score tracks being exclusive to GTA Online. However, as of 2023, there are over 130 tracks exclusive to GTA Online.


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