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Come live where there's nothing there!
— Grand Senora Desert advertisement

The Grand Senora Desert (also named Grande Senora Desert[1]) is a desert located in Blaine County, San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


It is bordered by Great Chaparral to the south, the Alamo Sea to the north, the San Chianski Mountain Range to the east, and Mount Josiah to the west. Areas in Los Santos County to the south of Route 68, including farmland, are considered to be part of Great Chaparral in the official game manual[2].

The desert has a few notable locations, such as the Senora National Park and the towns of Sandy Shores and Harmony. Bolingbroke Penitentiary and Redwood Lights Track are also mapped as the desert in the game manual [3]. The wildlife consists of coyotes and a few bird species, such as hawks and crows.


The area has an arid or desert climate, with hot temperatures during most of the year. Weather tends to be very sunny at times, and visual heatwaves are shown occasionally. Sandstorms occur often, while rain and thunderstorms rarely occur, but when they do, the weather becomes rough and extreme.

Rain is scripted to happen in the mission Friends Reunited, in which Trevor Philips travels to Stab City to destroy a number of trailers that are owned by The Lost MC.


Its name is most likely a reference to the Sonoran Desert. It could be based on the Palm Desert, which is in closer proximity to the Salton Sea.

It could also be based on the higher Mojave Desert areas in San Bernardino County and Los Angeles County since it has a high concentration of Joshua trees.

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The misspelled hiking path sign.

  • The name "Grande Senora" means "big lady" in Spanish, referring to the dimension of the desert.
    • Despite its name, the desert's area is not that large, only being some arid lands around Sandy Shores.
  • In the beta version of Grand Theft Auto V, the Grand Senora Desert was much bigger.
  • There are signs on hiking paths with the name of the desert incorrectly spelled "SENOEA Desert". This was likely a typo as "R" is next to "E" on a QWERTY keyboard.


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  4. Sandy Shores is mapped separately from the Grand Senora Desert area, however, the airfield is located within the Grand Senora Desert.