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Grand Easton Terminal is a major train station of the Liberty Transport Authority in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, located in Easton, Algonquin.


Grand Easton Terminal is a squat yet ornate building in Easton, Algonquin, with its distinctive 3 large glass windows facing Hematite Street and Columbus Avenue, with Bismarck Avenue leading to its frontal facade. Although its origin, Grand Central Station, features a spectacularly decorative central lobby, Grand Easton Terminal's concourse cannot be entered in game. The GetaLife Building looks over the Grand Easton Terminal, built roughly half way into the foundations of the structure as its faces look north and south over Bismarck Avenue. Around the terminal, not very far off the ground is a peripheral walkway for pedestrians, sporting benches, lamp posts and news stands.

Although Grand Easton Terminal's concourse is inaccessible, the Terminal still serves as a hub for the city's rapid transit system (via the Easton LTA). Every subway line converges there, making it a prime tourist area, as well as the Terminal's proximity to central Algonquin attractions, such as the Rotterdam Tower, the Civic Citadel, Star Junction, Middle Park and The Broker Bridge, however, is still a long walk up Columbus Avenue.

Although the main terminal is on Columbus Ave and Hematite Street, Subway exits venture as far out as Burlesque & Iron Street for easier accessibility to Star Junction.

The subway station is also unique because it is the only subway station with two loading platforms that are underground.

Points of Interest

  • Carbine Rifle – hidden behind a trash bin in the upper backway of the Grand Easton Terminal building.


The Grand Easton Terminal at Algonquin is directly inspired by Grand Central Terminal or Grand Central Station. The station is the hotspot for the the city's rapid transit system, just like Grand Central Station is it in New York City. 

The GetaLife Building is located behind the Grand Easton Terminal, just like the MetLife Building is located behind Grand Central Terminal.