Gran'pa is a character in Grand Theft Auto 2 who is associated with the Rednecks. Dr. LaBrat, leader of the Scientists, wants Claude to kidnap him to allow The Professor to carry out some experiments on a human.[1] Claude Speed is dispatched to kidnap Gran'pa and return him to the Research Center.[2] Gran'pa's grandson, Dirk, also appears in the mission. Dirk gives Claude Speed his Pickup after he kills three Loonies[3] and unwittingly helps Claude kidnap his grandfather, who is blind and only recognizes the Pickups horn.[4] Gran'pa has the same appearance as Redneck leader Billy Bob Bean and his grandson Dirk. What happened to Gran'pa after he was experimented on is not revealed.


  1. Dr. LaBrat: "Hello, THC-303, it's Dr. LaBrat. The Professor wants to experiment on a Redneck and has chosen the one they call Gran'pa." (from Gran'pa We Love You!/Race 'n' Kidnap mission)
  2. Dr. LaBrat: "Fantastic, THC-303. Bring Gran'pa to the Research Centre - in one piece." (from Gran'pa We Love You!/Race 'n' Kidnap mission)
  3. Dirk: "Anyone who beats mah record for huntin' down and killin' THREE escaped Loonies wins mah Pickup." (from Gran'pa We Love You!/Race 'n' Kidnap mission)
  4. Dr. LaBrat: "He's old and blind but he should recognize the sound of Dirk's Pickup. Sound the horn to get his attention." (from Gran'pa We Love You!/Race 'n' Kidnap mission)
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