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A view of the projects, showing two of the apartment complexes, the park area, a playground, and a basketball court.

Governor Greg R. Smith Houses is a low income public-housing project located across the streets of President Avenue, Presidents City, Algonquin, Liberty City on both sides of the road, mostly based on the Campos Plaza housing projects in East Village, Manhattan. The complex exists of four 19-story apartments, each building is unaccessible for the player. The site also has a basketball court located in its surrounding park. The residents of the projects are mostly Americans with a Latino or African descent. The apartments are never referenced or announced in the storyline, nor are they included in any mission. The complex's name is quite similar to the Governor Greg Johnson Projects, which is another housing project located in Northwood.

Crime And Gangs

The Governor Greg R. Smith Houses seem to have a relatively low crime rate, as when you go to the buildings you might see the occassional crackhead or hobos sleeping in the park or around the buildings. but But it is otherwise unknown what the crime rate in these projects may be, as they serve no role in the storyline.


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